World TOUR 2008

Wolf Trap - Vienna, Virginia - August 7 and 8
Two nights in a row, such a treat! Thursday night was not sold out and concert was OK overall. Nicolas' voice was wonderful. Tonino was hot. The others struggled a bit. There's yet again a new drummer. His name is Cedric or "Perro Loco" as he is called by the band. He's crazy. He pulls his long hair back in one of those buns that Hindu gurus wear. Thursday night was only the 4th time he had performed with them. Pablo sang lead on "A Tu Vera." You could hear a collective gasp of surprise from informed fans. The concerts started with Rumba Tec. I didn't write down the song list, it was the same both nights. Friday night's concert was better. The venue was sold out and the energy was charged up. The guys looked ready and happy. While on Thursday night Canut struggled a bit with the words to Montana and Cafe, he was flawless on Friday and looked relieved. A lovely young lady who has dashed onstage to dance was there both nights. The guys love her! I was hoping to hear some new tunes, but nada.


My Mom and I flew from Las Vegas to Washington Dulles Airport for 2 Gipsy Kings concerts at Wolftrap. Ooh! The shows were Magnifique! Fantastique! Everyone was all excited to see the Gipsy Kings! We love them! Just can't live without them!

The band started on time 8pm, and David announced the band. Ah! Pablo, Andre, Nicolas, Tonino, Paco and Canut. Our favorite bass guitar player. The professor, a new HOTTIE drummer...the ladies were already drooling, Pacheco on the congo drums, and the keyboard player.


Set 1

Rumba Tec
Djobi Djoba
Hacemos de Amor
Tiki Tiki
Lleva Me Compas
Un Amor
A Tu Vera
La Quiero


Set 2

Si Tu Me Quieres
La Dona
Como Siento Yo
Pena Penita
Baila Me

The audience was dancing most of the time, and everyone enjoyed watching a little girl flamenco dancer that mesmerized the crowd. She was absolutely adorable to watch as she wiggled her hips, moved her arms, twirled her skirt around, and made dramatic expressions with her face. Ole!

It was a BIG surprize to hear Pablo sing. He usually just plays on the guitar, but not tonight we were in for a real treat. He looked so different with his gray hair, beard and mustache. The NEW Pablo!

The Gipsy Kings brought down the house with Sabroso. The bass player. The professor who was so funny getting the audience singing to his guitar chords, and then he was doing his little dance that put a Great Big smile on thousands of fans. He is too funny!

Pacheco was AWESOME on the congo drums. He is a virtuoso with his fingers, hands, elbows... Whew! He made me dizzy watching him perform. One of a kind!

Everyone had a spectacular night!!

Ohh!! I want more Gipsy Kings!

Glitz! Glamour! Vegas!


The shows at Wolf Trap were a real treat, and were made more so by the chance to meet up with friends and primos, some of whom I was pleased to meet for the first time.

Nicolas' and Tonino's talents truly shone both nights, but the Thursday night show had its bumps for other band members, especially Canut. But Friday night, everyone was in top form and the show was fantastic. Cedric, the new drummer, fits into the group nicely onstage, but lives up to his "Perro Loco" name offstage.

It was a nice surprise to hear Pablo do some singing, and the audience responded enthusiastically. Lydia has posted the playlist perfectly.

Thanks to all of you for making it one of the best concert weekends ever. Here's hoping we all get to do it again next tour!


Oh man! you guys pretty much covered it!

Awesome 2 nights - great music, great friends, cool new people met... sure, concertwise 1 night was better than the other, but everything was brilliant! I love the inadvertent magic we can conjur up when we all get together... must be the duende lol

...and a quick note -- I was very happy to see & hear our Paul [sporting the goatee again] lead out for A Tu Vera! His voice especially is so raw & untrained & camargue-y -- hearing him reminds me of when he led out for the song 'Fete des Stes Maries de la Mer' back in the day when they were Los Reyes -- just cranking!

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