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Atlantic City Hilton, September 13

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This one's my favorite. Note that I got both Michael's and his dad's attention.
Karen from Colorado.

Karen with Dominique Droin

MORE Photos from the Atlantic City shows

Went to the concert Sunday (Susan where were you???) I was Front row. Nicholas was five feet from me.

Juliet they took care of the sound Sunday, it was pretty good , but the concert only lasted and hour and half. Tried to get back stage, but the BOYS had already left to go to dinner, but I did meet Dominique and got his autograph and a pic with him.

Hopefully I got some great photos the security people were telling everyone NO Pictures. The one guard that got me backstage said go ahead and take some (because I promised to show him my badge (It worked Efren). You should have seen his face when he saw it was a firefighter badge and not a cop :)))))

Anyhow, I will write more tomorrow.

Karen from Colorado

Okay, so here is my review of the concert on the 13th in Atlantic City. The security guard in the hotel said NO PICTURES, but as I made my way to the theater I was talking to one of the guards who was posted down front to keep the paya bimbos from getting on stage (Yeah Right). He said that people had been taking pictures the nights before and told me to go for it. I also asked about getting back stage, giving him my story of flying all the way from Colorado (up hill, blinding snow etc.etc.),and promising to show him my badge. He said he couldn't make any promises, as the 1st night only certain people got back, but the 2nd night they were inviting lots back, but he would see what he could do. Great pictures and possibilities too.

Moving along the concert starts pretty much on time. First out Pacheco, Negrito, Gerard and Dominique. They start playing opening music, then Paul, Andre, Mickael, Patchai, Georges, Canut then Tonino and alas Nicholas standing right in front of me. He seemed to be having trouble with his voice, but it never faltered. Sound system sounds pretty good except during Ami Bem Bem (Took a while to recognize) then cleared up. No ear plugs for me, wasn't as loud as some of the other concerts I guess (maybe someone from the entourage is reading our posts and learning).

The set list, okay it was my first GK concert and I'm sure I'm leaving some out and this wasn't the order but here goes:

  • La Dona
  • Djobi Djoba
  • Galaxia
  • A Ti a Ti
  • Ami Bem Bem
  • Volare (that got the PB and everyone else worked up)
  • Un Amor
  • Montana
  • Baila Me
  • A Tu Vera
  • Vamos A Bailar ( Pacheco y Negrito went LOCO )

The Boys played for about an hour and a half with no intermission.

Some observations: I don't know if they were upset or what, but when the crowd started dancing in front and in the aisles the guards made them sit down or stand off to the side they flashed a few looks at each other like let the people dance. The guards were getting flack from the people up front that couldn't see I guess. Mickael is just a cutey pie (it's a mother thing) he keep flashing these big toothy grins and why not 18 years old (or whatever) in America and living most people's dream. Georges is a junior Elvis with those hips (Baby).

Stay tuned for Part 2 - The Encore

Karen in Colorado

Part 2:

The crowd wants MORE, so the Kings come back out and start into Bamboleo (all h#@$ breaks loose, poor guards) a PB jumps up on stage, now picture this Nicholas is in his famous stance eyes closed arms outstretched, she comes up behind him and starts to grab him around the waist. I was watching his expression and it went from one of shock to an oh well what can I do look, Paul anyhow seems amused until one jumps up and kisses him, and Canut started trying to hide behind Dominique, he just kept inching back as far as he could get. I felt sorry for him, I do believe he really is very shy. By this time there's probably 20 PBs on stage and the one that grabbed Nicholas starts unbuttoning his shirt (Yes gam very hairy). So they finish the show and leave, some of the PBs follow them back stage as the crowd up front starts to disperse. Meantime I follow my Security Guard and lo and behold he's the one at the back stage entrance (gee and he remembers me too) a Couple of ladies and I stand there for a while and a Frenchman comes out (not Pascal) and says the band has left (we didn't believe him), them a PB comes out and said they were getting ready to leave for dinner, she was so excited cause She got all the autographs except for the cute one (HUH like she knows who's who ). Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but that's how she came across. Anyhow one of the gals spots Dominique and so we had the guard ask him if he would mind signing a few autographs and he said sure, so I got his autograph and a picture. That concluded my very first of hopefully many GK concerts. All in all I wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

Adios for now,

Karen in Colorado