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Rosemont Theatre, August 23

WHOOOPIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it's actually over! Omigosh! Where to begin???? The play list!!!! Okay, As I remember and in no particular order (save La Dona and Lo Gitano Viejo - La Dona was played at the begining of the first set and Lo Gitano Viejo was played at the begining of the second set!:

  • La Dona
  • Ami Bei Bei
  • Djobi Djoba (with Canut on lead)
  • La Fiesta Comenza
  • Mosaique
  • Todos Ole
  • Lo Gitano Viejo
  • A Tu Vera (this year, Tonino didn't play the James Bond theme....)
  • Rumba de Nicolas
  • Bem Bem Maria (kinda like how they played it on the wolftrap vid)
  • Baila Me
  • OY
  • Mi Nino
  • A Tonino instrumental I can't put my finger on-it was kinda mid-tempo, then fast, then mid tempo then fast...well you get the pic..
  • Suenos de Noche (Nicolas didn't do the "dee-dee-dee" parts and the lyrics were kinda changed)
  • Odeon
  • Un Amor (this was pretty cool 'cause Nicolas shook it up a bit by adding some variations to the usual way he performs the song)
  • Montana (at the end, Nicolas added some "ta-doe-dee"'s)
  • Quiero Saber-the Salsa-ed up version that's found on the Live album!

OKAY, I'll start this with what I got outta the newspaper a couple days before the concert:

"Riding the same craze for innocuouos exoticism that's brought goat cheese, shitake mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes to American menues, the Gipsy King's glossy, romanticized "rumba flamenca" has enjoyed remarkable success in the U.S. Although the Kings serve it up with passion and panache, their brand of flamenco is a touch too genteel to be real."

Hell naw!!!! HELLOOOOO!!! The concert was fiery and soooo energetic! They came out with passion, played with passion and left with passion. The not-so packed theatre last night was due to the weather and a lot of no-shows. (there was a severe thunderstorm warning) but that was a-okay fer me and Kristen!!! Hell, it was okay for a lot of people, cause during the course of the show, the ushers let us come up to the FRONT ROW!!!!!(not bad considering that Kris and I were in row double B! On top of that, the GK didn't seem to mind, cause the crowd was just wild!!! I mean, at least, most of them were! Which brings me to my personal question directed at no one in particular, why is it, that everytime I go to a GK concert, I get stuck sitting next to the bastards who don't wanna do anything!!!! And on top of that, don't want anyone else to have a good time!!!????(as you all can see, once again, Misty was told - on several occasions mind you - to "sit down") BUT NOTICE THAT I DID NOT!! Anyway! The GK really connected with the audience last night and served up a PARTY!!!! OH!! BTW, they are selling new tees!!! White ones and Black ones with the Cantos de Amor CD-look, you know what I'm saying? Also, there are White caps with the GK logo and you know that babydoll tee with the small GK logo on it in glittery blue? well, there's one in red now, ALL FOR 23$$$ instead of the 25$!

Yeah, Misty sold out, I figured, "Hey! When in Rome, do as the Romans do.." right? So Misty searched her closet and found a little nothing shirt and some black flare-leg jeans and some hootchie-mama shoes a belly chain, the purse/backpack and an arm bracelet and headed on out to the concert. I was the least dressed person there. *sigh* BUT IT PAID OFF!!!!!! From the beginning of the concert to the very end, all the GK members were staring at me and Kristen (BTW-to the chick who LOVES Michael,if you're still on this list, Michael was wearing a faux velvet, skin tight, sky blue shirt (long sleeves) with some platform tennies. He got his hair trimmed and got some interesting side burns. George, BTW was sporting a nicely trimmed goatee.) Anyhoo, I got most of my looks from Andre, George and Pablo(especially Pablo on Mira la Gitana Mora - I didn't mention that tune, did I? - when I was doing my bellydance...this one woman jumped in front of me - in this lies the difference between me and a TRUE paya bimbo - and was doing all my moves! HATEIN'! She was trying to steal Pablo and Andre's attention from me...talk about desperate!) At one point in the show, George was starin' at me, leaned back, whispered something to Canut and Canut started staring! Anyways, me and Kris got smiles and waves from all the GK members, including Michael and excluding Tonino. All Tonino did was stare at me. SOOOOOO, on came the encore and they played Bamboleo, and not one minute into the song, women rushed the stage and three of them (come on, you all knew this was comming!) jumped on the stage and started dancing with them. One by George, Canut, Patchai and Michael (dancing with Michael in particular) and the other two by Pablo, Andre and Nicolas. AND YES! ONE WAS FEELING UP ANDRE! and I wanted to laugh at her so bad! Anyways, I got up front stage despite women pushing me from behind and one woman smacked me in the face with the back of her hand!!! I woulda jumped on stage however, 1) I got some self respect and 2) my feet in those shoes were not gettin' "jiggy" with it! Once I got up there Andre gave me a big smile and so did Pablo and at the end, Pablo, Andre and Nicolas waved at me!!! No one got to go backstage cause the GK left 15 minutes after the show was over.


Something told me the night was not yet over and to walk slowly to the car...(I think it was my feet screaming for release!!!) Anyways, when Kris and I got there, we put on the Este Mundo album (Kris wanted to hear Sin Ella) and I was looking at their coach bus, suddenly, from behind the bus there were camera flashes!!! I was like...KRIS!!! So the two of us bounded out of the car and back over to the other side of the bus, there was a small crowd and one guy came up to me and said, "you just missed them. But the singer Pablo, he's right there in the window, go give him a kiss." So I crept up to the window I looked at Pablo, Pablo looked at me and I said "Hola Pablo" And he smiled and blew me a kiss. I stepped back, (giggling like crazy) and saw Tonino, once again starin at me and Kris. Then suddenly Canut came out the window! He was real nice, joking and having a good time and I said hola to him and he smiled and waved at me!!!! HA!HA!

ALSO, on the ride home, we passed the bus and I got a wave from Pacheco!!