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Rosemont Theatre, August 24

First of all, so you know, I sent a bouquet of sunflowers to the boys as a welcome back from their most devoted fans at the gkings mailinglist saying that we would love to hear from them, ya, right but who knows? maybe? someday??? and that we love and miss Diego.

Sun. night's concert was great but didn't have the excitment of Mon. night. They were really out to have party that night. Sadly, Paco was not there. The line up was Paul, Andre, Nicolas, Tonino, Patchai, Georges, Canut with Mickael playing back up and only came down for the last songs. The song list was pretty much the same as on the first leg, except the didn't play Ami Wa Wa either night.

The Rosemont is pretty good at enforcing the no photos policy. We asked security about it, and got permission to wait. The door opened and there was Tonino. El Maestro un photo s'il vous plait?? Big smile, Yes, Yes!!!! With limited French and Spanish and speaking slowly I'm sure he appreciated concern for Diego and our deep appreciation for his talents. Then came Nicolas, same thing, yes for photos and yes they got the flowers gracias, gracias!!! and took my hand and placed it by his heart and gave me a hug. Then came Paul, Georges, Mickael and Patchai who even signed my t-shirt. I told him mas solos para ti and he smiled and winked. I asked Georges if he had an e-mail address, I know he understood, but tried to say not now or anymore. Canut was the last to come out {although I never did see Andre that night} all serious and hand in hand with some blondish haired girl, but photo? yes,yes and signed the t-shirt also. So of course my mission for Mon. night was to get missing autographs.

Needless to say it was an awesome night for this gitana!


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The marquee.

The Gipsy Kings on stage.

Barb with El Maestro (Tonino).

Barb with Michael (left) and Patchai (right).

Barb with Canut.

Barb with Georges.

Barb with Paul.

Barb with Patchai.

Barb with Nicolas.