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Merriweather Post Pavillion, September 2

The following photos of the Gipsy Kings on stage are panoramic. You may need to use the horizontal scrollbar to see all of them, especially if you choose the larger versions by clicking on the photos.

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Well, our wait is over and the first concert is done.

How was it?? Fantastic, from where I was standing!! Having front row seats makes the experience 10,000 times better than it really is. They started the show 30 minutes late. The guitar technician did not even begin tuning the guitars until 8:10!!!

They came out, and played:

  • La Dona,
  • La Fiesta Comenza
  • Djobi, Djoba
  • Un Amor
  • Oy
  • Quiero Saber
  • Ami Bei Bei Bei
  • Todos, Ole! (NOT Una Rumba Por Aqui!)
  • Baila Me


  • Tierra Gitana (NOT MOSAIQUE!!!!)
  • Lo Gitano Viejo
  • Montana
  • Mira La Gitana Mora
  • Salsa de Noche
  • Sueno de noche
  • Mi Nino
  • Bem Bem Bem Maria

  • Encore- Bamboleo (I was hoping they would do Mary Had A Little Lamb instead)

I was livid that "Mosaique" was not played. I was looking forward to getting some pointers from the master.

Tonino seemed bored out of his mind, and they all look worn out as a group. Paul, being as lively as he usually is, was not as happy as he has been in the past. Canut, on the other hand, was very jolly, and danced a lot. I guess having his 18 year old nephew next to him gave him some energy.

This is the first time I saw Michael, and he is a very shy little boy. Whenever any woman would smile or blow him a kiss, he would smile really wide and shrug his shoulders as he smiled, like he was very embarassed.

As usual, 3 sluttly looking drunk whores got up on stage at the last song, and shook their booty for the band. They were hand picked by Paul, and I know the reason why. Since this is a family mailing list, I won't go into any details, but all I have to say is: "Think of a VERY COLD breeze hitting you on the chest." Enough said.

I managed to sneak in my camera and took 10 pictures when they took their final bow. Since I was in the front row, I was very obvious, and 2 stage hands were giving me the evil eye from the time the concert was over until I walked out of the arena. I was willing to fight to the death for my pictures!!!!

I tried, in vain, to get my CD signed by any of the band members, but either they did not look my way or the just ignored me.

I tried to weasel my way backstage by flashing my police badge, but all I got was a chuckle from one of their managers and a light friendly slap on the cheek for my foolish attempt. I pondered arresting him for assault and battery on a police officer, but thought that would be bad P/R on my part. :^)

I met with Jeremy at 2 pm, and met gam and Annie Brocker at the concert. Ulis, donde estabas??? Did not see Ulis and his wife. Maybe tonight??

When I get my pictures developed, I will send them to Bob so he can post them. We are all going back for the 2nd show tonight, and if I'm not too tired, I will try to post a review as soon as possible.