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The Greek Theatre, June 14

What can I say. One word "DUENDE"! This concert had flavor. The duende of Flamenco was definitely in the air and in me.

The weather was very sunny with a slight breeze towards the end of the concert. I looked back towards the crowd and many were wearing dark sunglasses. The amphitheathre was packed with many dancing bodies swaying to the GKS' rumbas.

The stage was very high. I was only able to see whoever was upstage. From my first row seat I was able to see the GKs' facial expressions up close and was able to hear Patchai, Canut, Andre, Paul speak to one another without being heard through the mike. Too bad I don't understand Gitane language. However, they had asked the crowd several times to get up and dance. There were technical problems, such as Patchai's mike was not connected for several minutes at the beginning of the show. At one point Nicolas gestured to lower the sound, but the sound person turned it up (sound person must have dyslexia).

The line up was, starting stage right: Paul, Andre, Nicolas, Tonino, Georges, Patchai and Canut. They were all dressed in black.

The opening song was "La Dona" sung by Nicholas. The playlist consisted of La Dona, La Fiesta Va a Comenz, Djobi Djoba, Odeon, Un Amor, Oy, Quiero Saber, Ama Bei Bei, Todos Ole, Baila Me ----Intermission---Catalun~a, Gitano Viejo, Montan~a, Mira La Itana Mora, Suen~o de Noche, Salsa de Noche, Mi Nin~o, A tu Vera, Bem Bem Maria, Ami Wa Wa, Bamboleo.

The second set Mikael was downstage playing a shake-a-ray type of instrument. I thought he was the only one playing and against canned music until I stood up on my tippy toes and saw the rest of the band. Mikael was constantly on the move during the concert.

It was a welcome sight to see them sharing the stage with a musician of another gender. The violin was a welcome addition and I felt was not a distraction. That was a nice touch. The Eastern (ROM) Gypsy influence in music emphasizes the violin almost as much as the guitar. The woman who played the violin is not only a violinist she is also a composer. Her name is Patti Weiss. She does backup gigs with the GKs from time to time. Patti sure plays a mean violin. She was fabulous!

The purcussionist/drummer, Pacheo y Negrito were out of this world. Ole! All I kept shouting was "Eso Ea". Their playing resonated to the depth of my cellular being.

During intermission I met Laura , her mommie and husband. It was a pleasure to have met her and the family. Laura had primo seats. Next year it's Las Vegas, right Laura?!

Patchai came out on the second half wearing a see-thru black shirt and might I add, a very nice physique! He started to do swimming movements as the crowd started to move their arms side to side in unison during Ami Wa Wa. It was awsome, looked like a suname, a great human ocean wave flickering under the warm bright sun.

Canut came out on the second half impeccably dressed with a white shirt with delicate rhinestone patterns on his nehru-type collar highlighting his pecs. He sang "Montana" with such passion. A voice so rich, strong, and velvet-like in some instances. At one point in the song, I thought they were playing another song and then phased back into Montana. It was very wierd. It seemed to me that part of the backup musicians were playing some other song, trying to do some fusion work. Strange. I found Canut to be very jovial and he smiled alot. Couldn't help but notice when Canut was singing, he had a bright beet-red tongue! He must of had a glass of sangria or artifical red strawberry kool-aid or maybe ate some beets. :))

Andre was backup vocals for the majority of the songs. However he did have a solo in "Ama Bei Bei Bei". He has a beautiful/mesmerizing voice. There were frequent eye contact throughout the show with Andre's smiling eyes. It was when someone struck the wrong note/cord or when someone screwed up but mainly just grooving to al ritmo del la musica! IMHO he has alot of stage presence and connects with the audience. Andre sure has a beautiful smile.

Nicholas was supurb. I was totally riveted to his singing when he sang "Mira Itana Mora", personally my favorite, (sigh). His voice is so intoxicating and powerfully soulful. When he sings his whole body vibrates and you could feel and see that he is coming from deep down from his soul. It gave me goose bumps. At one point when Nicolas was singing "Suen~o de Noche" he almost soundlike he was "scatting". I felt the music had a slight flavor of Jobim or Aierto which I happen to like as well.

The GKs left the stage at the end of the second set. Waving goodbye. After much pounding and yelling from the crowd, the Gks came back and did an Encore! The whole crowd got up and danced.

The final closure of the show was, me "pogo-stick" jumping trying to reach the stage edge. Nicholas noticed I was so short and could reach the stage edge, he bent down, reached out and gripped my hand.(sigh) And what a strong grip he has! It was a wonderful experience, beautiful weather, beautiful music, and DUENDE!

Viva GKs!