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The Hollywood Bowl, June 7

Karen C. plays Tonino's guitar.

To all GK fans;

Hope that you all seen the GK's by now. They put out a great show once again.

I am not as expert as some of you die hard fans, but have followed them since 1987. We had so much fun, it's hard to describe. It may have just been the effects of Jose Cuervo Gold.

Half way through the show, they played "My Way". That made me feel good. I think people not among us, should be respected. GK's did that in the most distinctive fashion.

We (me and my wife) also were offered a drink, later found out it was more tequila.... Great fun, great place, great people, and most of all, greatest music ever...

Well worth $103.00/ea. ticket....


Sunday show had been cancelled for some time, even though their site still showed the date for Sunday. Another thing worth mentioning was that the Bowl was not filled to capacity, and I'm not talking no-shows.

I can't tell you about the play list since I don't know the songs by name, except a few like:

"A tu Vera"
Un Amor

Right now I am trying to convince myself to go to San Diego, and catch em at their I believe final show before the long delay. Have no tickets, but I know there will be some at the door, Just debating with myself. It's only an hour drive...