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The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel, June 4

Lauren and Nicolas talk in the casino.

Lauren and Nicolas.

Lydia and Nicolas.

Lauren talks with Nicolas some more as Lydia and Juliet look on.

Bob & Lauren with Nicolas.

Juliet with Nicolas.

(left to right) Andre, Canut and Nicolas.

Paul and Andre prepare for the break.

I'm sure others will have reviews of a great GK concert at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, show #1, but we'll have to report on other-than-the-show activities.

We met up with Lydia and Juliet prior to the show. We had dinner together at the Hard Rock and, just as we were leaving the eatery, saw Nicolas in the casino. We had to go talk to him.

With her fascination with their language, Lauren had always wanted to be able to talk to one of the GKs face-to-face. Her dream came true. I'll let her describe it herself, but we talked to Nicolas for some time and took photos.

The concert was fabulous, what can I say? Paul gave Lauren a kiss at the end. I got a photo.

Afterwards, we hung out at the Hard Rock casino. After some time, we noticed Nicolas and Paul playing $5 slots. Talked with them a little. Then, on our way out, we saw Georges Reyes and Michael Baliardo and talked with them some.

I'm sure Lauren will have more to say, but I wanted to get this posted ASAP.


Still on Cloud 9 from last night.

As Bob said, my dream has been to talk to GK - just some conversational interaction. Although I joke about waiting until I turned 50 to become a "groupie," I've really always just wanted to meet them and talk one-on-one.

Since I speak more French than Spanish, and usually combine the two languages, conversing with Nicolas and Michael was no problem. (4tashman: Michael was wearing nothing out of the ordinary. Black pants, shirt, and kinda platform tennies.)

Told Nicolas that we were big fans ("we" included Bob, Lydia and Juliette). I said their music touches my heart (big smile that's always on his face broadened) and told him we were following them from AZ to WA (smile turned into look of pleasure and amazement). Asked about his language (La langue in French means tongue as well as language). "No, not your tongue." Laughter. The Gitane they speak has its roots in Barcelona and is the same Gitane that is spoken in Andorra (a country I visited and loved a long time ago). Asked about upcoming CDs, which he said are the World Cup collection and Love Songs.

Later in the casino after the show, I asked if he was winning on the $5 slot, and he said "No" with a wry smile. "Do you have a cigarette?" Tried to give him a few but he declined. He's a completely sweet and charming person.

The concert itself, needless to say, was stupendous. Hard Rock Joint is a small, intimate venue. We were sitting right at the stage in front of Paul, Andre and Nicolas. So little room between the seats and the stage, I could only rest my beer (with which I toasted Andre) on the stage. At the end, Paul leaned over to shake someone's hand behind me so I said "Yo quiero un besso." He couldn't refuse such an offer from a lady, so I got the kiss.

Thanks to those of you who explained Cajon to me, BTW. Hope this one post answers most of the questions. Will see what today brings.

Bob just won $1000 on a 25c poker machine. We are indeed on Cloud 9.


PS - Drew 2 cards to a Royal Flush!


Met Canut in the Casino. He was just about to leave and was cashing out on a slot machine when I said in French, "How nice it is to see you here." He just looked at me with a dazed/glazed stare until his brain computed - someone's speaking French to me, I understand French, she knows who I am, she must be a fan. He shook my hand and thanked me. I asked if he won all the silver dollars dropping into the cup and he said No, just cashing out. Then he mumbled something (the gist of which was "I was just leaving") nodded and left.

I'll take Nicolas' personality and warmth over Canut's looks anyday. It came to mind that I might love to look at Mt Everest but I wouldn't want to climb it (that was for all you "Canutians" out there.) I still am in awe of Canut's vocals and especially of his guitar style.

Two down, three to go.........................


Hi Everyone!!

Thanks a million Bob for starting the Gipsy Kings Mailing List!! I would have never been able to get front row seats for the Gipsy Kings without all your wonderful information!!. It was such a great pleasure to meet Bob and Lauren, Juliet from Honolulu, Rob and Suzanne from Flaggstaff, Pam and Cathy from Boston, Sophia and her mother, Nikki and her Bob...and of course to get a up close and personal picture with Nicholas before the concert. Nicholas is such a sweetheart!! A real cuddly bear!! The concert was Fabulous, and the Gipsy Kings poured out their hearts to the audience!! A real Gipsy Fiesta!!

Bamboleo!! Gipsy Kings!!


The Second Night's Concert...