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Open Air Theatre, June 8

Despite the problems, it was a great concert! First the problems:

The whole first half of the concert had terrible sound distortion. There was even high-pitched feedback in a three or four spots. During intermission, somebody must have twisted a few dials here and there and the sound was improved greatly for the second half, although it was still mediocre. Most of Tonino's fine fingering was just a blur of distortion by the time it reached my ears.

Near the end of the show, a skunk somewhere nearby decided to give his review of the concert, and it wasn't pleasant. Maybe that was that Thor guy from Dallas. But that smell was no worse than the many cigarretes being ignited.

OK, that's all the bad stuff.

As I wrote yesterday morning, it was raining here. Fortunately it stopped early in the day and was nice and dry for the concert. The concert, scheduled to start at 8:00, started about 8:20 and concluded just before 11:00. The play list was close to that reported by Karen at the Dallas concert. Here was ours:

La Dona
La Fiesta Comenza
Djobi, Djoba (sung by Canut)
Un Amor
Quiero Saber
Ama Bei Bei Bei
Todos Ole
Baila Me

--Intermission (cigarrette smoke billowing from backstage)-

Mosaique (Tonino and the backup guys)
Lo Gitano Viejo
La Montana
Mira La Gitana Mora
Salsa De Noche
Yo Soy Aquel
Mi Nino
A Tu Vera
Bem Bem Bem Maria
Ami Wa Wa
Bamboleo (as the predictable encore)

"Todos Ole" IS the same song as performed (and composed) by the current Los Reyes. The GK added their own little backup vocals that sounded similar to part of the song "Tequilla" that reviewer Thor mentioned.

I was shocked at what happened during "Un Amor". It's always been one of my favorites, partly for personal reasons. When Nicolas started singing it with such emotion and passion, for some reason, water started running down my cheeks. Maybe it did rain just a little at that moment. I can tell you that Jackie Gleason never made me want to cry.

Karen reported that "Trista Pena" was part of their Dallas play list. Where I expected that one, they played one that I guess is called "Yo Soy Aquel". I didn't recognize it but my wife says we have it on one of our CD's. I listen to our CD's all the time; far more than she does. She didn't even recognize "Salsa De Noche". Can anyone help me on this one? Anyway, it was also a great song -- almost as good as "Trista Pena".

I also liked "Ama Bei Bei Bei" or whatever it's called. It was sung by Andre. Has anyone ever heard this before?

The spotlight was right behind me so that when I stood up, my head would block part of it, and I had to stand of course. Since it was so far from the stage and had such a wide apperature, you could not actually see the shape of my head ecclipsing Canut; it just got a little darker. I tried to make bird, crocodile, and bunny shadows to help entertain the crowd, but they didn't show up either.

Oh yes, we also had the obligatory woman dancing on stage. She was actually quite good. She seems to have studied flamenco dancing; perhaps even teaches it.

I heard enough new stuff at this concert to make me believe that there must be a new CD on its way, despite what Nicolas told Lauren.

All things considered it was a great evening. After reliving last night while writing this review, I don't really feel like working now, but...

Jeff Wrobel

McIntyre, Georgia (NCI) wrote:


> >>SIGH<<  ~ | ~


> How was the rain factor?

Just those few little drops that fell on my eyes during Un Amor.

> So "Todos Olé" IS the same one from "Legend"  I KNEW

> IT!! That song actually kinda rocks.  Did Nick do the obligatory

> mic-to-the-audience when it came time for the "OLÉ" part?

Patchai did the lead on Todos Ole. They definitely encouraged audience participation. At least I think so. I was singing, regardless. They HAVE to record that. I could take or leave the "Tequilla" part, though.

> How was Djobi Djoba?? : ))) WHO SANG IT?!? : ))))) Did he look

> pleasant? ; )

Uh oh, I've been trying to stay out of trouble since my last comments about Canut. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, that song belongs to Nicolas.

>        Mira La Gitana Mora  << really??!

Oh man, Nicolas did one helluva job on this one. His singing was truly amazing. By the time he got to the chorus, I was exhausted. I can't describe it. Wait till you hear it!

>        Ami Wa Wa  <<   did they have a real violin or was it synth?

Synth. You couldn't tell the difference anyway with their lousy sound setup.

Jeff Wrobel