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U.S. Tour '99

Atlanta, Georgia
August 21, 1999
Chastain Park Amphitheatre

Dear Amigos Gitanos,

This is to report on the Gipsy Kings concert I attended in Atlanta, GA, on August 21st, Saturday night, at Chastain Park Amphitheater.

After the long hike, uphill, to the Park we were seated, but not quite where the internet picture had showed we'd be sitting. We were fairly far up, and stage right. The internet showed us sitting stage center and closer down. The internet lies. But, oh well, it was a very nice facility, with ample room--for picnic baskets, TV trays, gourmet food and wine, etc. You could bring in whatever you wanted, and people did. You'd think we were at a formal buffet! People with table cloths over their tables, sipping wine out of wine glasses, and candles shining everywhere. There was even a Starbucks coffee, among other things, on the premises!

Forgive again, my lack of Gipsy Kings discography knowledge, but I knew the first song was "Ami Wa Wa", by God. And as far as I could tell, I was the only one on my feet and dancing. And up again I was for every song, again, with not much company, all the way until the 5th song, "Un Amor," sung extremely slowly by Nicolas. I sat that one out. The women in front of me were comparing baby pictures, and people were conversing all over the place. On the next song, I was up again, and then, miraculously, a very many people rose, including the women in front of me, for "Baila Me", which means, "Dance With Me" (I think). Hallelujah, somehow, subliminally, people got the message! On song #10, which I believe was "A Tu Vera" sung by Canut, there was a Dionysian Dance train dancing by in the central aisle. I almost joined it; I wish I had.

I did notice an elderly woman, but in VERY good shape, dancing with her husband in the side aisle. I got my body down there several times to try to follow her lead. I was raised Southern Baptist, and do not know much of such things. Oh, she was a riot, and quite talented as well. She told me later that she runs everyday; that is where she gets her stamina. I was pooped, and she looked rarin' to go, even after the concert was over.

During the first half was performed the song quoted elsewhere having the title "La Negra" sung by Andre, but in the 2nd half he did not sing "Campana," but rather a song with the words "Senorita, Senorita" in it. The show closed with "Bomboleo," and "Volare" as the encore. On the last two songs, practically everyone was on their feet dancing their hearts out. We Southerners are slow learners, but we do learn, in the end. Actually, I'm from Texas, and in Austin, we did the Kings proud, even though the facilities there consisted of a bare dirt floor, and some wooden tree house looking porches. The Yellow Rose of Texas beats the Georgia Peach hands down.

Well, that's my report, for what it is worth.

With love,
Kathy Dowell

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