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U.S. Tour '99

Chicago, Illinois
August 25, 1999
Chicago Theater

First of all I want to say I really missed sharing the 2nd Chicago concert with Victoria cause Vic, you wouldn't believe the difference! For the first four or five songs no one danced that I could see from the 4th row Canut side. You could see the puzzled looks on the guys' faces. We had been told by our security friend from the night before that they had been instructed to "Let 'Em Dance Tonight". Then when I did get up I heard "down in front!' so I headed for the outside aisle where Olga and Bill were and we all started to rumba, which brought big smiles from Canut and Patchai. When people did get going the band really kicked it up and it was great!!! But all night there were complaints to security about the dancers and we were told that the GK management was furious that people weren't dancing.

There were a few fans ejected and a couple of PB's carried off the stage, and at least one girl ripped her blouse off, so see Vic, wasn't like the night before.

Afterwards, the guys headed out to party, but I did talk with Johnna and Canut and he was very pleased with Victoria's gift. I was also able with Negrito's help to tell Paco how nice it was to see him back. I can't remember who it is that wanted a picture of Negrito but I have a great one if you would like a copy...and btw what a nice guy!!! He told us the night before that the new cd should be out in November, but I think we'll just have to wait and see, also that after the US, they tour Europe and then Austrailia! I was asking for Celio, I know how much he wants them to come to Brazil!!! but he didn't know of any plans for there.


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