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U.S. Tour '99

Denver, Colorado
June 13, 1999

Fiddler's Green


I must say the evening was just perfect up to this point, and could not imagine it getting any better. The concert now over, my son and I meet back up with Carolina and head for the stairs all the while wondering if David would remember. Here he comes and says "here's you pass, sweetie." The lady that didn't know Canut said to go around back and through the gates. So, we get to the gates and they are checking the passes, they said "one person, one pass" to which I replied "I AM going with my son and that David said it was okay for all three of us to go" They said "well, you had better get David to give you another one then." About that time David happened to be coming up the stairs and yells "Let them all in" (meaning the three of us). We start to walk down the stairs and meet up with Patchai's son "Titi." He really is very sweet. I said "Oh, you are with the Gitano Family" something got lost in the translation and he thought we were telling him we were Gypsies, we finally got it straightened out and he said "yes, I am with the Gitano Family" Proceeding into this little room with about 50 people in it (and only made for 25), we can see some of the guys walking about down the hall. First out again were the band, Carolina finally got to meet Negrito face to face : ) , then Dominique and Gerard. Negrito said that they were very tired, long flight or something. Then out comes Tonino and he's looking at me for a while and says "Reno?" I said no Vegas and he keeps staring so I say Las Vegas he says "Oh yes now I remember" and shakes my hand excitedly, Carolyn introduces herself and my son with all the charm he can muster says "can I have your autograph?" Tonino looks at me and I tell him this is my son. So he signs my son's GK hat and pats him on the head, notices the camera in my hand and says "Photo?" GOT IT!!! . My son is impressed by this, but keeps looking around and finally Michael comes out (my son's favorite) he runs up to him with his hat and another picture is taken. Now, my son being generally hyper is bouncing off the walls. Patchai walks out next and is talking to other people so I told my son not to worry they all would be out soon and there's plenty of time to get your autographs, just then David comes out and takes Patchai by the hand and off they all go. Didn't get a chance to talk to the others before they left. To use my son's words about his first GK concert and the events that transpired afterwards "WAY COOL!!!!"

Hasta from Colorado,

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