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U.S. Tour '99

Los Angeles, California
June 3, 1999

Attended the LA concert on June 3. Just want to say that it RAINED A LOT. IMHO GK performed well, and the crowd demonstrated deep admiration by standing, singing, cheering, etc, throughout the rain. Though it didn't rain exactly intensely, when you are standing outside with no umbrella for a couple hours, a light steady rain "does damage".


hi. i am new to this list. in fact, i am new to this fabulous band as well. i was lucky enough to attend the first night, the 3rd. then i snuck in on Sat. the 4th and sat in even better seats. (next year i vow to be up front and center.) i by far enjoyed the first night. i danced in the rain for 2 hours and had an absolutely wonderful time! :)


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