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U.S. Tour '99

Miami, Florida
June 24, 1999

Jackie Gleason Theatre

I went to the concert last night at Miami Beach and it was packed.... They were phenomenal.... tkts were sold out ages ago and it was quite hard for me to get the tkts yesterday, but I managed it.


OK cousins......

dateline Miami........

Another great show!!!!! As mentioned by someone before... welcome by the way.... the Jackie Gleason theater was packed. Beautiful theater.... a renovated historical Deco Art building in the Deco district of South Beach Miami. The hall is very visually stimulating.

My No-AMEXSux-Gold seats were about 30 rows back, center section, two seats off the right aisle.

The aisle couple arrived. I asked if they'd seen the GK before.....they were "virrrrrgins" She said she had a lot of their music. I had a moment of unease when I heard them have a little chat about hoping the ushers kept people in their seats and they just hoped everyone would stay seated. I was like....Why would you want that?.... I figured they'd see for themselves soon enough.

The show was pretty much the same.... It was wonderful to hear those new songs twice this week, it always takes me one time to just hear a song, the second time I start to learn it. A bonus payoff for 2 shows in a week!!! Everyone was still in good voice and the playing was too, as always. The sound back at row 30 was a little muddy. Probably from being under the balcony overhang. It wasn't terrible... just not totally focused. And it did improve a bit.

The Miami crowd surprised me.... they really weren't up and on their feet. Like Orlando they were wiggling and swaying in their seats. A few rows ahead of me two women stood and danced in the aisle. Immediately 2 Dance Nazis swooped in and made them sit down. The couple to my right softly applauded her action, as I hear did the man seated to the left of my friend. Hmmmmmm.......

Baila Me is always the button pusher for me it seems. Luckily it is for others too. At Patchai's urging people finally got to their feet. I said "'scuse me" as I trampled the couple's feet on my way by. I danced on down to the little dancing group that went into the aisle. After the song I made my way quickly back to my seat. My little couple shot to their feet as soon as I got near. My friend said that after I'd gone she'd reached over and said "I will apologize for her now. This will happen again. But don't worry, eventually she'll just stay away." Too funny. Now I danced at my seat for the rest of the set and my little buddy on the right finally stood and danced, tee hee, a quiet little arms-down dance. That's ok, I knew she was seeing the truth of the matter. Within another song she was swaying and moving, arms overhead, Baila on girl!!!! Once again the Gipsy Kings work their magic and make people do things they don't want to do!!!! hahahahaha True to my friend's prediction..... early in the second set I headed out. A few people were leaving...hard to believe I know.... but I took advantage and would dance on over to the vacated seat. The D-Ns left you alone it seemed if you had a seat closeby to sit down in. I just worked my way up the hall to the third row, hahaha..... a D-N came over and pointed a seat out there for me..... how nice, yes I'll stay HERE!!! What fun! Back into what has been my spot at concerts... Looking at Canut. And I'm not even a registered Canutian!! I don't plan on being there, its just where I end up!

Ending with Bomboleo ......the happy, dancing, elated, cheering crowd demanded their return. They sure do make sure you really want an encore before they come back. And we did!!!! They finished with Volare. They work soooo hard up there. They were drained at the end. Didn't even consider asking for another, they earned the rest!!!!!

........ a last footnote, as we drove out of South Beach today we passed their buses outside a beautiful hotel. They looked like they were getting ready for boarding.

Gipsy Kings..... merci beaucoup et bon voyage!!!!!!!!!! Au revoir.

or in the words of a very famous American folksong.... "See you in September"

Sorry this is so long....Ole y'all


Hey Miss Cathy, we were at the concert also, row x orch center so we must have been real close to ya. Funny you mention the dance nazi cause if it was a man and women about 4 seats from the aisle it was my (ugh)"friends". I told him instead of complaining to get up and boogey, but, you know how the dance patrol can be. I agree w/you that it was a great concert. It was our second one and we were massively excited. We weren't let down. It was really great. However, I found it to be a short concert. Afterwords though, we were so wired we couldn't play the cds enough. Actually i'm listening now. Geez, you're lucky about the backstage passes. I tried in vain to ge through but to no avail.

Anyhow, it was really really great time.


Hi y'all... I totally forgot to mention the dancers at Miami's show. Late in the second set 2 women in black with laminates around their necks danced out from backstage. They were soon joined by a third. They were very good, the GKs all watched them and enjoyed them. Showed us payas how it should be. :)) They left after a song to great applause. I think it was on Bomboleo that Paul pointed out someone in the crowd who was brought up onstage. She was excellent and danced around each of the GK. I was close enough I could see her She really was wonderful with them! I saw her backstage afterwards. She wasn't with the show... what a thrill it must have been for her!!

Ole y'all..... Cathy

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