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U.S. Tour '99

Miami, Florida
June 24, 1999

Jackie Gleason Theatre

Backstage Adventures

Sooo.... my friend and I head to the Ladies' Room on the way out. As I'm in line a woman walks up behind me and says "Anyone want an After Concert Pass?" "Sure, what have you got?" said I, "do you have another for my friend?" And she did, so we did. Wowiezowie!!!!!! I absolutely understand the power of the pass and easily gained not only entrance, but directions even, to the Gipsy Dudes.

A typical backstage of a real theater.... a large open area downstairs where hospitality had been set up..... then a hall off that with offices and dressing rooms on either side. There were people lined up in the hall, and some were in the rooms. Andre walked out, looked and smiled at me, I said Merci beaucoup. He nodded and was gone. I saw Nicholas wandering around....he'd already changed into shorts....I didn't blame him a bit. Here comes Pasqual.....mother road hen and chief in charge of the whole game. And it is an impressively sized show. (Two Eagle tour buses were for the band, and there were 2 semis with sound, lights, concessions.) Any how, he says, "Come everyone.... into this room. The Gipsys will come to this room. Come, come, the Gipsys are coming." It was too funny as I had earlier overheard him, before the show, tell some reporters "There are no Gipsys here." before the band arrived I guess. So into the large area, where there were some tables and chairs. About 25 people were there... much less crowded than I'd have expected in Miami. Tonino, Patchai, Paul, Michael, and Gerard were there. I sat for a minute frantically pulling together some French from a loooooooong time ago.

I had a question for Patchai and figured now was the time. After a minute he was free, really nobody outside of crew was approaching him..... Our entire interchange occured in French. I said his name then said I had a question if it was ok. He took both my hands and held them between us as we spoke. Good grief!!!!! Somehow managing to keep my knees from buckling and not falling right down to the ground, I asked him my question. It was like he listened then did a little double take. He looked at me and said what did you ask? I apologized for my little French. He said, no, that was fine, he understood me, but what did I ask? I asked him if he sang on the cd Sara Sara. He looked at me like he couldn't believe I was familiar with the cd, yes, we both agreed it was Gitano Family. hahaha He said that yes he had sung on it. I told him I had thought so but that his name was nowhere mentioned on the cd. On this list people have said Canut was the singer, the older voice, but I always had suspected Patchai....he has that Reyes voice, just not as strong as the others. It is his band after all. Perhaps Canut sings also, though that I did not ask. So I thanked him very much and walked off. Hard to let go of those hands let me tell you. He is a very kind person.

So now I could breathe again. I was very nervous. I have mentioned before I am shy, doing something like that was almost painful. Those darn Gipsys keep making me do things I don't usually do. So in keeping with that policy I collected a few autographs. I thanked Tonino, who seemed tired. Gerard was very nice, told him (in French again.....thank you high school French) that I might be in Atlantic City. He laughed. Paul was funny.... he borrowed my pen to sign someone's something..... that person kept the pen... another souvenir I guess.... Anyhow I needed the pen back to get Paul to sign my Orlando ticket, so we all hunted it down. Paul laughed and laughed. I was glad to get my pen back. I smiled and said hello and thanks to Michael. He was veeeeery busy with many attentions. He smiled and nodded.

So on out into the night, not quite feeling the ground. :))))))


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