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U.S. Tour '99

Orlando, Florida
June 22, 1999

Hard Rock Live

"Are you ready for the Gipsy fiesta?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!! Orlando said YES!!!!!!!!

What a great show last night. My seats were excellent. I was on the aisle, 6 rows back from the stage looking right at Canut. An excellent view of everyone. It was a very nice stage, large with a unique very cool backdrop. Great lighting and an excellent sound system made it all even better. The sound held up very well until the end when the crowd noise and movements changed the dynamics and it got muddy, but by then, NO PROBLEM!!

It seems like they basically kept to the same set list as in previous shows. I didn't keep exact track, I was waaaay too busy dancing and soaking in the whole experiance. Michael's Arabic opening is stunning and wonderful. I really like the new songs, I can imagine a couple of them joining the forever-standard list. Canut sang Djobi Djoba. Nicholas's voice really sounds strong and full. He sang a lot during the show and never wavered. His Un Amor was so thick with the duende I thought I would melt. He showed no signs of fatigue or illness. Guess the fruit is working. Tonino made his usual magic, his instrumentals were captivating. Patchai and Andre (who wore glasses throughout the show) were wonderful on their solos and Canut's Montana brought tears to my eyes. It was wonderful to watch him sing it from about 10 feet back. He was very funny in that he would step back and sit on the riser behind him during some songs when his presence in the front line wasn't required. He seemed very relaxed and happy. The percussion gang and all the back line boys were wonderful too. Carolyn (it is you isn't it Carolyn?), you're right, that Negrito is pretty awesome!! I thought of you for a spilt second. haha The whole group seemed in very good spirits and playful. They interacted with the crowd a lot. Hey, Patchai even nodded at me a couple of times and pointed right at me at one point late in the show. Ahhhhhhh..... be still my heart. :))))) lol The young'ns, Georges and Michael are fabulous. What energy and joy they add to an already energetic and joyful show!!!! They were just shooting off sparks of energy. Like the good rockers they are, they both threw their sweaty towels out into the audience. If I'd been paying closer attention and had really wanted a perspiration filled towel I probably could have beat the woman ahead of me for it. She seemed happy with her trophy.... :))))

The crowd was all wriggling and grooving in their seats right from the start but not up and dancing for the first few songs. I am a shy type, really, and just told my friends that I was never one to lead the dance charge but was waiting for others so I wouldn't feel so exposed. HAHAHA......Never say never! That was when the Gipsy Kings made me do things I don't like to do.,,,,,,Nicholas started Baila Me and it felt like someone else entered my body as I was on my feet and in the aisle. Danced on down to the second row which was where the aisle dead-ended. I was about 10 feet from Canut.... same place I was in for my first GK concert in Pompano last year. It must be my spot. :))))) My friends said Canut was watching me, nodding and smiling, but I missed it. He was probably laughing at the middle-aged paya bimbo making a fool of herself..... I DON"T CARE!!!!!! I had fun!!!! People were everywhere on their feet now and it was perfect. After the song, the Dance Nazis (as we were calling them) shushed everyone back to their seats. I stayed in my seat for about one song when again I was up and dancing down the aisle.... after you've made a total fool of yourself once it gets easier :))))) . When I went back to my seat after that song my friends were laughing and said that the Dance Nazis had made everyone clear the aisle during the song except me. hahahaha They took people from either side of me and from right behind me but just let me be. I was oblivious and invisible. What fun! By the end of the show the whole place was rocking, the aisles were filled with happy dancing fools. There were some very good dancers there (I am NOT including myself....). 3 payo bimbos ended up onstage at one point, one was trying to enfold Nicholas into her dance. That is when security came out and gave them a personal escort somewhere else.

The set finished with Bomboleo, and after a long wait, during which the crowd just got more and more enthusiastic, they returned for an encore to an almost deafening roar. A wonderful night was had by all!!! Elated and already looking forward to Miami on Thursday we joined the happy crowd flowing to the exits.

Florida show Miami report will follow on Friday.

Bomboleo and Ole' y'all...... Cathy

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