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U.S. Tour '99

San Antonio, Texas
June 18, 1999

Municipal Auditorium

Dear List,

I saw the Gipsy Kings in San Antonio, my birthplace, my hometown. I went with my friend, the professor, heretofore mentioned. We had planned, and were dressed accordingly, for this venue. All I know is I "danced" more, but my friend did not perceive it as such. I guess I have a lot, still, to learn. It seems the middle section, where we were seated, was the only one to rise in masse, and even at that, not with every song. I think the Kings were disappointed. It took forever for them to come back out for an encore, and even when they did, my friend commented that they played a song that they had already played. It was a bittersweet time for me; I was leaving Texas, and this was the last time I'd be seeing San Antonio, for a long time. Yet, of course, I do not regret leaving it with the memory of, especially, the Gipsy Kings. And now I will see them in 2 days in Atlanta, in my new home of Georgia... My friend noted that they played "Amor D'Un Dia" in San Antonio. He was really surprised by that, as it is one of their older songs.

Kathy Dowell

San Antonio really was a letdown for me! Of course, that was the show where Ticketmaster screwed my tickets up so my seats were pretty far back and off to the side-and, yes, there were many people who stayed seated so when my friends and I stood up to dance, we could feel the glares from the people behind us. It just seemed like the GK were rather subdued-like the crowd response was not quite right. Canut did sing Amor D'Un Dia and it was the slow version that just brings chills to your spine. That's always been one of my favorites so that was a highlight. But the duende just didn't seem to be there. I'll try to remember more. Just barely have time to send this and I have to run. Have fun at all the next shows coming up...wish I were going....

Katie Hefter

They did Amor D'Un Dia slowly, just as on Allegria, though the chorus (the 'li lo' part) was more 'tempered' (the way I do it) than on Allegria. It was better than the Allegria version in that sense, and I too cannot believe they sang it at all, though it is one of the greatest songs they have ever done.

Canut sang.


I am so glad that another hardcore Gipsy Kings fan thought the same thing of this show. I saw the 2 shows in Austin and they were awsome. The group was into it and the crowd was really into it. Michael left the stage early in SA. He was ill. The backstage scene was a little crazy. The band was upset at the lack of audience participation. At times it seemed like you were at the symphony. The silence between songs at times was unbelievable. Nicolas with all his kindess did say at the end of the show "We love you San Antonio"


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