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U.S. Tour '99

Tampa, Florida
June 23, 1999

Tampa Bay PFA Center

Hi there! My name is Marta from Tampa, Florida (USA). I'm originally from Puerto Rico and 10 or 11 years ago I saw the GK for the first time at a beach festival in San Juan. I was immediately hooked...Anyway, I just joined the list because I totally love the KINGS. Last night I attended the GK concert here in Tampa (at the Tampa performing art center).It was phenomenal. They mainly sang Rumbas and a couple love songs and instrumentals ("Un Amor" was one of them.) They did not sing two of my favorites (Trista Pena and Viento Del Arena). Regardless of that, I had a wonderful time. I would like to share with you a few things about the concert in my next email. I was lucky enough to meet some of the KINGS last night. I got pictures with Canut, Pacahai, Andres, and Pablo. I attended the after show party and the KINGS were friendly and very nice.

My seats were located in the second row right in the middle, so I was very close to the stage. Mostly everyone around me did not get up and dance until one of the kings suggested (using body language) that it was oK for people to dance. The first song was "Ami WAWA" followed by a tune called "POROPOMPOM" (I believe). By the way, I have that song sung by a different artist. That song was also the last song they sang when they came back after they had exited the stage. The concert was approximately 2 hours, including intermission. Canut sang "Montana", but mainly King Reyes sang all the others. There was a young KING who played by Canut, but I don't know his name(Does anybody know his name? He is cute!), who played the guitar and some percussion. He also spoke some English which he used often to announce to the audience when a song was a new one. It was a fun concert full of rumbas like I said before. Some of the songs performed were: "Un Amor", Bomboleo (of course), Bem Maria... etc. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. It's kinda early and I I haven't had my cup of coffee yet. The first KING I met was Canut, he was very pleasent. I was surprised when Canut asked a crew member how to spell my name (MARTA) I thought that the language they speak has some Spanish Influence. Also, he had to put his glasses on to sign my autograph... He was very friendly and was making little jokes in English. I couldn't get away from him. He's extremely good looking too!.


hi everyone

I am new to the list. My husband & I saw the Gipsy Kings in Tampa last week from the right side,4th row. They were fabulous !! People were out of their seats and dancing most of the evening (at least down where we were). A lot of the fast hand clapping too .... I was sitting right in front of Nicolas- my husband calls him the "pirate" ,lol-

take care

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