The Gipsy Kings


¡Vamos a Bailar!


The Music
The very heart and soul of the Gipsy Kings is their music. They are the happiest when they are entertaining and entrancing themselves and others through their music, and that is the mark of a true musician. Once traditional Flamenco guitarists and singers, they have integrated styles of music from the world over to become the most successful World Music artists ever. Within these pages shall you find a complete Discography and a Song Index containing a listing of all of thir 100+ recorded songs, plus resources such as clips of their music, and lyrics to their songs. Most of the lyrics are in Gitane, but I have a few translations.

The Men

This section of Vamos a Bailar describes the gypsies who make up the Gipsy Kings... personal information, a biography, and pictures reside within this realm. Of course, as most fans know, the membership of the Gipsy Kings is almost never the same, so there's also a timeline of band membership!

The Media

Now that the Gipsy Kings have been around for over twenty years, a vast array of information about them is available which was not only five years ago. (Believe me. I looked.) Included here are several articles from both Newspapers and Magazines , as well as the best of what the World Wide Web has to offer. Go forth and learn!

The Multimedia
Mere Media is not enough for someone like me. I must present Multimedia! Step within to discover a veritable cornucopia of images, sounds, textual resources, and a variety of other things, many among them shamelessly stolen from other web sites. :-)
Speaking of resources, here we also have a link to the Gipsy Kings F.A.Q., constructed with the help of the Gipsy Kings Web Forum, a wonderful resource for the True Fan. Go and check it out!

The Miscellany

By now, you're probably thinking, "Enough!" But how little you know me! Everything I have that could not fit within another category is here, including my personal inventory, the T-Shirt index, and the Gipsy Kings Triva Game!

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