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U.S. Tour 2000

Los Angeles, California
August 19, 2000

The Greek Theatre

I attended both concerts Sat. and Sunday with family. It was a blast both nights, the GK were very lively, played and sang with much passion and charisma which we all know is true to their style.

The L.A. Greek Theatre is twice as big as the Berkeley Greek Theatre so for me it was a crowd twice as large as I'm used to and it was at night which made it harder to see. Both evenings the crowd was very excited and enthusiastic, the audience even stood up for "Un Amor" and everybody stood for "Montana" (which is my favorite song and many other people's I guess too).

A big treat for me was Paco was there!!!!!!!! I had never seen him in concert before and hearing Volare live, also they played two encore songs on Sunday night!!! The first being Volare and the second being that "Tikki Tikki" song.

They did have dancers come out Sunday night, it was a curious thing for me because I've heard so much about dancers coming out on stage but had never seen it, 'til this concert (my fifth one).


The Gipsy Kings Rocked the Greek Theater in Los Angeles! They sold out two concerts over 6,000 people. More chairs were even added to accommodate more fans!! My mom and I enjoyed the show! We drove from Las Vegas to LA to see them, since there was no concert at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was worth the drive through the desert! The two shows were indeed Excellent! The acoustics at the Greek Theater are just awesome. You can hear each chord of the guitars! We were sitting in the 2nd and 6th rows. A lively audience!! Lots of people dancing and up on their feet throughout the entire show. Nicolas looked great with his short hair, and smiley face. He lost some weight too, looked well rested not tired. Just the beginning of the tour for them. The band played alot of new songs. The playlist was different than the El Paso and Wolftrap shows that I attended. My mom just loves "Un Amor" and loves to see Nicolas' whole body shake when he sings that song. The crowd roared with delight. Tonino's electrifying fast finger guitar playing on Galaxia made the audience dance and scream for more! The place went insane!! Canut's new Fandango song brought the house down with Nicolas singing, and Pablo and George doing palmas. It was terrific! A few girls were on stage for Bamboleo, and the crowd really had to roar for the band to come out and down the encore....Took the band a couple of minutes to come back out for the encore which was Volare! and the Tiki Tiki Tiki Song!! It was such a uplifting concert experience. The Gipsy Kings just get better and better. Saw Pam Tomkinson from Los Angeles and Kathy Tomkinson from Boston. It was great to see them! We all loved the shows & the Gipsy Kings!! Can't wait to see them in Arles for the Gipsy Festival!!


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