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U.S. Tour 2000

Austin, Texas
August 24, 2000

The Backyard

Austin was a BLAST- It broke the ice between Canut and us, we just cracked him up. We were there when the band was doing sound check. We were outside but could hear everything. When the gates opened we ended up right in front of Patchai and Canut. We were WILD. We were cheering them on, dancing and singing. When Canut was doing Pena Penita, he was looking right at me and Cathy and suddenly he did a funny dance and we just burst out laughing. He just fixed his eyes at us during Montana and the BEST was Volare. We were singing together whilst staring straight at him AND Canut was singing and breaking out in a laugh. It was hysterical. He said 'thank you' and even went WOW at one stage:))) I was in heaven. The band notriced we were having a good time.

After the concert, I tried to look for Pascal but it was too late, I should have done it earlier but did not want to leave my precious spot. Katie (SHE'S A BLAST, WE JUST LOVE YOU, she's really funny and together with her friend, Jennifer, a new Patchaian, spent the whole night laughing), went backstage and got us inside. Now I was feeling a little uncomfortable as I had already seen the guys for 2 nigts, got pics and autographs. AND THEN a funny thing happen, I was hiding behind Katie when she moved and CANUT spotted me. He gave a double look, pointed at me and motioned me over. I panicked BIG TIME. I looked at Katie and said 'should I go'!!! DUH!!! Of course!!! I went over and he moved and motioned me to sit beside him! (I'm talking same chair) I just freaked out, I was super nervous and wanted to just die at that point. I asked Tonino to take a picture and I did not know what to say!! DAMN I should have taken my Spanish lessons seriosly! Anyway, in my worst Spanish, I told him I love Bolero esp. the song 'Enamorado Soy' and from the album Compass - Amorgitano. He thanked me. And then like and IDIOT, I said, 'okay, um, yah, um, I got to go, um bye', shook his hand and walked straight out. I grabbed Cathy went outside and screamed. I COULDN"T believe Canut, of all people! After all the reviews I've read about him.

Later we went to the Four Seasons, and just hung out amongst ourselves, even though the guys were there. We just watched them and was laughing our guts out. It was a great night and I really enjoyed meeting Katie and Jennifer, YOU guys are really COOL.


PS : Austin just proved why chairs are NOT needed at a GK concert.

Sorry I haven't written sooner about the Austin show. First of all, I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed meeting Benn, Juliet, Elena and Cathy. What a fun group. We had such a great time it was hard for me to say goodbye. Sure wish I had continued on with the Texas swing shift. Anyway, the Austin show was AWESOME! I had to branch off from the other gals so I could be over in front of Nicolas. I had some fun times the last two times they played there connecting with him on stage. Sure enough, into the second song, he looked at me and smiled in recognition. He also sang several parts in different songs to me and that really warmed my heart. He is definitely a cuddly bear! I had a picture with me that I took after the San Antonio show 2 years ago of he and I that I wanted signed, so I had that with me. That was why I was so determined to get backstage. I ended up getting to sit at a table with Nicolas for about 30 minutes or so and tried very hard to have a good conversation. Sure do need to learn Spanish or French. But we managed okay and I was able to convey how much I enjoyed their music and his singing. The concert was really great and they seemed very up and having a good time. It was definitely a dream come true getting to meet all of them. When I got their autographs in '98 in Florida, I was so stunned that I was backstage that I was a real shrinking violet and didn't approach anyone other than to ask for a quick signature. But this was really nice to just sit back and enjoy it all. They are all so gracious. And I can't remember when I laughed so much as I did with the group of women we were with. What a fun bunch! Maybe I'll have to see if I can make the East Coast tour with you guys next year. I do have some pictures that I will send to Bob as soon as I get them scanned in. Wish I had time to go on and on but I'm at work and way too busy. May write more when I get time. Hope all the other cousins enjoy the upcoming shows. My experience was the greatest and I hope it is for all of you!


Austin was indeed amazing!!! This is the way to see the GK, NO SEATS. The Backyard is a large yard that probably held 2-3000 people. Thanks to Katie...... hey Katie and Jennifer, Buenas P!!!! ...... we were first in line at the "secret" entrance. This allowed us to stake our claim to a stretch of stage from Canut to Patchai. The group on my left was very territorial and at first it felt like a line had been drawn. Later we all became buddies as we held out against people who tried to push in with us and then we recruited them to be members of Paco's fan club. Where is that pic anyway? "Nous vous aimons, Paco!!!!" Too funny. By concert time the place is jammed. It became a sea of dancing happy people.

Right from the first note the place is rocking. The sound was really good there, a very professional setup. The stage was pretty high, enough to discourage most paya bimbos from charging the stage. Paco recognized me with nods and smiles. Nice to have recognition from the stage.

As Benn said, in the second set it became obvious that Canut was singing to us!! Oh mai!!! Our antics had caught his attention and tickled his funnybone. He just cracked up and had to step away from the mike on one song, shaking his head a little. By Volare he was openly looking right at us, singing right to us!!! We responded by singing right back at him and laughing. Wow!!! What a rush!!!

Back stage afterwards (thanks to Katie who got in while we got tossed and distracted the guards...haha) I said hello to Paco who remembered me from El Paso. He introduced me to Tonino who was more concerned with his dinner. I then panicked and left with Benn who was floating like a helium baloon after her Canut encounter. :)))

Later Katie came out and said we were all invited for drinks at the Four Season. Nice. Off we go. What a place, first hotel I've ever been to that didn't have paper towels in the bathroom, but plush terry hand towels, a huge basket of them. Double oh mai!

Walking across the bar behind Katie and Jennifer I see Canut at a table. I nod as I go by and his face lights up in recognition. He pats the chain next to him, triple oh mai!!! What an amazing evening is all I can say!!! We talked and spent about an hour together. Thank god for my high school French and my bad Spanish as he only spoke 3 or 4 words of English the whole time. I never expected to have such a warm encounter with him after all the previous tales and watching him in concert. Our dancing sure did shatter his cool visage.

We left after a few hours, flying high, gipsy-powered. We laughed and laughed, met for breakfast and laughed some more. Too much fun! Then ON TO SAN ANTONIO!!!!

Any wonder why I'm sufferkng from PGKDS?.....post gipsy king depression syndrome?

Ole' y'all..... Cathy

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