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U.S. Tour 2000

Houston, Texas
August 26, 2000

C.W. Mitchell Pavilion

Well I made it to Houston and went to the show, it was great. I met a few list memebers, Cathy, Bernaddine and two others whose names I forget (please forgive me) looked like everyone was having a good time. I hooked them up with a couple of extra passes so they could get some backstage photos. Nicholas was hiding as usual, he was tired. but I think everyone (excepting Canut of course) came out and made the rounds. I'm not sure, I was in the back dressing room at the time talking with Nicholas.

cu yall soon cin

Houston - This was another great show, we were at Pablo and Andre's side and they waved and Pablo gave us flying kisses. Georges waved. That was cool.

The head of security was COOL. We sat next to this Hispanic lady and her husband and she joined us as we stood to dance or did our wave. She was cool. The crowd was as usual slow to respond and then one security came up and said, 'I can't force you to sit but there are people behind you complaining'...But we said we were not going to sit. We wanted to have fun. He left us after that. But the head of security, during intermission, came over and said' wow, you guys are having fun' and I told him I couldn't believe people could actually sit. AND guess what he said??? 'You gals go ahead and have fun and I'm NOT going to stop you' AND he did just that. When it was the last song, Elena and me went to the front of the pit to dance. A security came over to tell us to leave and the head just flashed his torchlight and said, 'these can stay'...COOL, we thanked him and the crowed around us cheered at him. It was nice after the show when people came up to Elena and me and said, 'WOW, you guys were great, or having fun or it was nice to watch you gals'...Canut Amador and Titi stood behind us, and Canut patted me on the shoulder, I turned around did a little dance and HAD to turn back co's Canut was doing La Quiero as the final encore:)))

Backstage time - CINDY, we requested for 2 addional backstage passes as we thought John Rodrigues would be interested in going backstage. But fate was such we saw him but had no clue it was him. So we gave the passes to the Hispanic couple. THANKS SO MUCH CINDY.

Backstage was another adventure, I went to get more autographs and then I bumped into Pascal who gave me another 4 passes for our last night - Dallas. I LOVE HIM. I went into the dressing room and Canut was there. He whistled at me and asked me over and I was much more cool this time. After Cathy took her pic, I asked for a group pic and Canut was in a playful mood. It was Canut, Cathy and me at the corner and he stretched his hand and pulled my hair!! When the shot was done, I hit his head with my envelop. He said something about him having longer hair than mine!

It was another GREAT adventure backstage for us esp.for me.


A cool thing happened during the intermission in Houston. There was a commotion, some 'oohs and aahs' and clapping at the front stage. Guess what? A lady got proposed. That was so COOL, it reminded me of Carrie and Logan. The guy proposed with a diamond ring and everyone in front kept cheering for them. The security stood around them in a circle and flashed their torchlights above them. She said YES and everyone just kept clapping and cheering for both of them. That was so sweet. I'll keep remembering more details:)))


Houston was great!!! Juliet and I both had front row seats, hers was between Patchai and Canut and mine was over to the left of Pablo. I had just given the people surrounding me a pep talk on dancing, warning them I would be, and that San Antonio had stunk dance-wise, and had just gotten them all riled up and ready to prove Houston could kick dance-ass... when Juliet shows up and says "Here, take my seat, its too close". Whoa!!! Juliet , I owe you forever for that one. No problemo, chica. As they see me move to my new seat, I'm told that my other GKSM.MC pronounce "We hate Cathy, we hate Cathy!!!" hahahaha

The only bad thing there is the sound was muffled. We only were getting the monitor mix where I was . It was worth the trade off. The audience was great and many were dancing from the start where I was. What a blast. The GK definitely appreciated it and songs that they shortened in San Antonio, had verses added in Houston. As I said before, Pacheco almost exploded during his protracted awesome solo!!! The crowd was screaming. You could tell the band had a good time, especially when they brought Titi and Canut Amador out for the non-Volare encore. It was just too good!!!

Also fun was the band recognition I got. Nicholas smiled, Tonino smiled and nodded, Paco kept looking at me and smiled, Patchai gave me a nod and Canut looked with his usual stony contenance. As the band left the stage the back up band smiled and Marcello the drummer came up and pointed at me with a huge smile. All ya gotta do is dance!

We met Cin at intermission and again back stage. It was great to see you Cin. Get in touch sometime now that you're a fellow Floridian, I'm not the total psycho stalker I may appear to be....hahaha We're only sorry we didn't find John R to give him the passes Cindy had given us. I talked to him the next morning and it turns out we stood right by him all intermission talking to Cin. If only he had eavesdropped we'd have all met. hahaha Next time.

I was still dragging the damn book around as my hope was to get eveyone to sign. I see Paco and get a big hug. He takes me into a dressing room and offers me a drink, a much needed soda. He is so very kind. Then Tonino walks in and sees me... and starts laughing and points at me saying to the effect that I'm crazy and have been to 3 shows. 4, I tell him. He laughs more and signs and we have a nice pic together. Andre is next, he says "La Camargue!" and spends a few moments looking at the pics and showing it to others in the room. Nice. Canut and Johnna are on a couch in the room, and I hear him tell her he met me in Austin. She and I talk a little. I give him the book and he has almost as strong a reaction as Nicholas. He slowly goes through the book. Then stops on one and sketches a scene from the Camargue for me. Wow!!!! He continues looking and draws on another page as well. He talks about the different pictures. When he finally gives it to me he again says, "This is very nice." We take some nice photos.... when I get them scanned I'll send them to Bob..... Then I run into Patchai who also like the book. He signs, adds a flower and looks through it. It was so special to me that they too made such a connection with this book that has meant so much to me for so long.

By now Pasqual and David are herding Gipsies to the bus and those of us remaining go with the flow. I run into Nicholas who sees me and gives me a big hug. A nice connection. We take a photo by the bus, then dance off into the night, once again on a Gipsy High!!!

Still suffering PGKDS.... Cathy

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