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U.S. Tour 2000

Dallas, Texas
August 27, 2000

Smirnoff Music Centre

It was a hot night in the old town last night! I'll try to keep this succinct.... First, my daughter ended up not being able to go to the concert. Her asthma really flared, and I just could not let her be in 100+ temperatures so far from her asthma medications the way she was. (I was able to mollify her some with an N'Sync CD.... Okay, she's only 9, her taste is less than refined!)

I was trying to figure out how to locate Juliet and company at the concert. Juliet was the only one that I've met before. Lo and behold, they were sitting only two rows in front of me!!! I got to meet Bennardette, Elena, and Cathy, too!! That was really fortunate! My seats were only 5 rows back, so we were all fairly well situated. There were many no shows for the concert (non-fanatics avoiding the heat, I'm sure! Trust, me, I'd never have gone there had it been anyone but the GK!) so we all were up on about the 2nd row, which basicaly put us against the stage. The concert was great and the Dance Nazis were very tolerant.

I got my camera confiscated in the 2nd half, though. :-( I was using my oooolllldddd Olympus OM-1 because my Stylus isn't working. I had small telephoto lens on it (35-80) and the Camera Nazis decided it was a professional camera. OUch! It couldn't do what all the point and shoots do now, but it "looked" professional, so I missed "Monta~na" while I was escorted to the security office. They gave me a check for it, and I retrieved it after the show. Grr. I tried crying and fussing at them, but they were totally unmoved. I told the staff that they were penalizing me just because I couldn't afford a new camera (my Olympus is 20 years old!). Oh well, I'd already gotten about 22 shots off! I just hope they come out okay. I didn't have a flash or a tripod... I was using 800 iso film, but I had to prop my elbow on the seat to steady the camera at 1/30, so I'll be anxious to see if any pictures came out decently. If they did, I'll forward them along to Bob.

The playlist was pretty much the same as previously reported. There were a couple of songs I'd never heard before. Any news on when the next CD will be released?

Juliet, Benn, Elena, and Cathy had backstage passes... I might have gotten back with them, but I figured I was pushing my luck being there with a sick kid at her grandmother's, so I hurried on home. The concert was great, but partying with the gang was the most fun part.

BTW, I do not like Nicolas' new hairdo. Guess I like the more "seasoned" look.

Smirnoff (Starplex) was its usual obnoxious self... $9 to park, $3 for bottled water, on top of $78 tickets to the hottest venue in town. There ought to be a law....

Rumba on!

Karen in Dallas; Asturiana, Cubana, Tejana

I wasn't planning on attending the GK concert this year, I was out of town and did not get back until around 2:00 Sunday, but my good friend called me and said that his friend had a couple of extra tickets, these were lawn seats but I was not complaining! Karen sorry to hear about your daughter I hope she's feeling well, actually seating in the lawn was not bad at all, at least as far as the heat, it was probably harder on Karen and the other list member's since they were under the hot lights not to mention the cramp quarters, being out in the open field with a light breeze was pretty nice, I did not break a sweat until one of the girls in our group wanted me to dance with her, oh well it was fun.

The highlight for me was when they played Fandango and Galaxia, 2 songs I've been waiting to hear live for a while, I also would have like to have heard Love & Liberte, maybe next time! but of course they always play my favorite song, Un Amor, the live rendition of this song blows me away, the crowd seem very mellow the first half of the show, they really started dancing the 2nd half, I don't know if it was the liquor affect or what! it was interesting to see 3 women dance on stage, it added a little spice to the mix, the GK's seem to like it, the GK's seem to be in good form, everyone's looking tan and fit, I liked the new songs that they performed, looking forward to their new CD.



Dallas - Our final night. We sat on Canut's side and this concert was AMAZING. Patchai said something to Canut and pointed directly at us. We were the first on our feet as always. We developed a little dance with the good sign and it caught on with the GKs fast. They actually did the good sign back at us, when leaving the stage, Patchai kept throwing flying kisses at us, so did Pablo. The rest waved, smiled and nodded at us. It was so COOL. When Canut sang A Tu Vera, we did the 'good-sign dance' and he burst out laughing. It was really nice to see a non-moody Canut co's that was exactly what I was expecting after reading stories about him on and off stage. This was a really friendly and funny Canut. During the second half, a cool thing happen, the security called Cathy and told her to go in front and we all followed. They banned everyuone else except us. Others who came were told to dance behind us. According to Juliet, who stayed in her place, a couple in front of her asked why we were allowed to go up and block the view and the security pointed at the band and said, they wanted it. WOW, I thought that was cool. Backstage - I prepared a short speech in French to say to the guys and as I had no time to memorise it, I carried the paper along:)) I got the guys to sign my Texas Map, and then read out my thank you note to them. As Patchai, Titi and Nicholas were seated, I had to kneel to read my note, they panicked:))) They thought I was proposing to them. It was so funny:))) Later they thanked me, Georges and Canut Amador gave me a big hug. Canut Amador said he was happy meeting me and actually said I was sweet and cute! First Pascal thinks I'm 16ys old! So I was the sweet 16yr old running all over getting autographs and photos:))) Marcello, the drummer touched me the most when he said that he really appreaciated our support as it was their first time touring and he said we made them feel welcomed and want to stay. I told him it was my pleasure. PS : The backup band were really sweet guys.

We couldn't see Canut or Nicholas so I approached Pascal and he told me to follow him but I spooted Pacheco and as Cathy wanted an autograph I did not follow Pascal. Later the security did not allow us in. THANK GOD for David who brought us in. Canut was there with Jonah. I gave her the pic I took with her, I wrote the website address so she could see her pic with Canut and Victoria in LV. I also gave her my site address to check out. Canut wrote his full name on my map and drew to hearts joining as one. I wanted to scream but had to pretend it was no biggie:))) I read out my message and he took the sheet from me to look at it. He wanted to write something but stupid me said, 'No, it's okay'!! DAMN! Then I wanted a nice pic and Jonah moved away but I said 'No I want you in'...she was like, 'are you sure, I don't mind...But I said 'I want you in'...Then I told her, 'Can you ask Canut to give me a nice smile', That was sooooo funny, she said something to him, buttoned his shirt up, straighten his collar...I just wanted to laugh my heart out but had to keep cool. We took the pic. Juliet said it was a great shot but I'll only know tomorow when I develop it in Arizona. After all our adios, we left.

It was a great night, once again!


Just wanted to drop a note along, I just got back from the Dallas show and it was the best concert I have ever seen. And I've seen the Who, Dead, the Stones, James Taylor, and the Eagles at the Hard Rock in Vegas. Nicolas started out a little hoarse, but got his voice back for the rest of the first set and second set. So if you can see them in Chicago or D.C. or any of their remaining shows, I recommend it!

First excuse me for my bad English..!!

I'm from Colombia, and one of my life dreams was to go to a GK concert, I didn't know when or where because I haven't heard that they have tours in South America.

I love them since 10 years ago, and I was really anxious to go to see them. When I arrived here I was cheking for the closest concert and what a very good luck, they were in Dallas just the sunday before I leave!! and my good luck was really good luck... I got the ticket on the first row!!! in the center, just in front of Nicolas and Tonino, and very close to Andre.

When the concert started I was crying, I couldn't believe that they were the real GIPSY KINGS, and that I was there just in front of them, singing and dancing like I dreamed during all this years.

Well now I feel like in love with them, like they had full all my soul and my heart like before when I used to listen their music, just with my eyes closed and going to every where... like VOLARE!!!

I wanted to go back stage but I didn't know how to do that or who to talk to, that was maybe the only thing that I missed.

I'm going back to COLOMBIA my beautiful country with a new dream: To Go to another GK concert... and feel all that things again..

Thank you... GIPSY KINGS!!!


HOT!!!! Arriving from Houston and getting out of the car in yet another Wal-Mart parking lot, the heat is crushing. Wow, 63 days with no rain and the temp feels well over 100 degrees. It will be sweaty dancing tonight!

The last show blues are already starting to set in. We settle into our pre-concert routine for a last time. 4 women sharing 1 room and traveling in a small car for a week and never once was there any problem. We must have set some kind of record. There was never any negative tension, we just danced around each other and got it all done with lots of laughter.

Off to the venue early, with a stop back at Wal-Mart to pick up photos. We figure to grab dinner before the show. Oopss.... not in the neighborhood around the venue. Pretty dangerous place. Hmmm.... the razor wire on the fence around the parking lot is a tip off. The $9 parking fee must cover the armed guards.

To the bar we head and pay waaaay too much for drinks. But the sound check on tv is definitely cool.

Finally allowed into the venue we wander around. We grab a picnic table and get some expensive chicken.... tasty at least. As I head for drinks, I run into the drum tech. He stops me and asks how I'm doing. He wants to know where we're sitting tonght. hahaha We talk another couple of minutes and he leaves saying they'll be watching us. hahahahaha When I get back to our table, he's joined us. He hangs for a while. We complain about it being our last show. He laughingly says there are 5 empty bunks on the crew bus and we're welcome to join. DON'T TEMPT ME!!

Our seats were GREAT!!! Off to the side but with a great view of everyone. We had 2nd and 4th row seats, but with no shows we were all together in rows 2 & 3, not that we stayed in our seats much! We ran into Karen which was great!

Great show!! Sound and lights were wonderful. They also let us take pics as long as you had a cheap camera. Right on the first song Benn, Elena and myself were up and dancing. Patchai looks over, spots us, walks over to Canut and says something, nodding towards us. They both look...hahahaha. We wave, Patchai waves back. People in the seats around us are looking at us now. They won't have the nerve to complain about our dancing this show!!! Throughout the show most of the other band members make some signal of recognition to us. The dance nazi's were great. They made us stay at our seats but seemed to enjoy watching us too. As Benn has already said, I got the shock of my life in the 2nd set when the head of security motions for me to come up and talk to him. I figure I'm doing something wrong, but instead he says "You need to move up front now." WHAT!!!! When does that ever happen!!!! So I wave at the others to come with me and they let us dance up to the head of the aisle, directly in front of Patchai and Canut, back from the stage about 10 feet (there are 2 security guys in seats between us and the stage). They took care of us, not letting anyone cut in front of us. Wow!!! We felt like princesses. What a way to end the concert. During Volare, Canut starts singing to us again fighting a laugh when we do the good sign dance, then Patchai starts singing to me. I thought, 'NO WAY", but when I did some silly motion, he repeated it. WOWIEZOIEE!!! He blew kisses to us. As the band left, almost all of them made some sign to us, Andre, Pablo, Paco, Tonino, Patchai, the backup band.... I can't think of a more fabulous end to our Texas shows.

And many many thanks to David. When security refused to let us backstage, despite our passes, I saw David and told him what was up. "No no" he says, "Let them in. If they have passes let them in. These are ok. This one (pointing to me) and this one (Benn) and those (Juliet and Elena)." He then takes us back to the holding area. And later he again helps us by escorting us through security to the dressing rooms to see Nicholas, Canut, Tonino and Paco. I'm so glad we got the chance to say goodbye.

And finally we find Pacheco, the last one I needed to sign the damn book. He gave me a kiss and a hug and a great pic and signed the book. Benn was worried I'd end up stuck showing him the book, which had happened all the other nights, and miss saying good bye Canut et al. Bye Pacheco, muchas gracias!!

As we float out to the car we see David. We thank him profusely. He tells us he loves us. I think they all enjoyed that we had so much fun.

The next morning it is a sad farewell as the GKSM.MC group drops me at the Dallas airport.

Au revoir mes amis et Gipsy Kings... a la prochaine!!!!!

Ole y'all... Cathy

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