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U.S. Tour 2000

Detroit, Michigan
September 2, 2000

Pine Knob Music Theatre

Last night, on a beautiful saturday evening with a perfect crescent moon, no bugs, and not "too" hot, my brother and I had the time of our lives at the GK concert at Pine Knob theatre, and outdoor place about 40 minutes north of detroit, MI. Oh, it was amazing!!!! I loved hearing some of their new stuff, but of course they touched my heart with all of the older ones too! We danced, and danced, and danced . . . I was soooo sweaty by the end of the night. But it was beautiful. Everyone who was in the lawn seats were dancing like crazy!!! we were all at one BIG fiesta or something! Uhg, it was great! And, one very cute chica came up to me during intermission and asked me how to dance like I was doing. Flattered as I was, I told her that I'm not sure how I do it, I just do it when I hear the GK play that's all.

< < < Dan . . ny . .iel!!

The September 1 show at Pine knob in Michigan was great. Soundcheck was a mixture of songs that I had never heard before along with some familiar tunes. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Sitting on the stage, as casual as can be, smoking cigarettes and the usual goofing around. Afterwards the guys enjoyed a game of bocce ball on the lush Pine Knob grounds backstage. When showtime came, they started off the concert with the setlist which has been played at all prior venues. The crowd really seemed to having a great time. (Which is unusual, Michigan is NOT the cultural hotbed of the North!!) From what I could see, it looked like they had a decent turnout. When intermission time came, everyone headed back to the dressing areas to smoke, change clothes and eat. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and good health. Then it was time to go back on stage. There were a few girls who got up on stage to dance during the last few songs. Some were good, some not. Some were pretty, some not. But last I remembered, it was all about the music not looks. The guy who posted to the list - Owain Phyfe and his band o' merry men were on the side of the stage. For Bamboleo, Owains friend Manolete got up on stage and danced. He was very talented and it was a refreshing change to actually see a man on stage dancing. Backstage there were alot of people. I did not see any of the "dancing girls" back there. Just regular fans and many of them. The band did not stay long backstage but got around and talked to as many people as they could.

I hope they enjoyed Michigan as much as Michigan enjoyed them!!

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