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U.S. Tour 2000

Atlantic City, New Jersey
September 8, 2000

Trump Taj Mahal

It was a long drive and a short concert, but I would do a hundred more of those in a heartbeat!

The concert was very far from sold out, the crowd looked promising though - a lot of gipsy-looking or gipsy-outfitted women, latino people, even a couple of flowery flamenco skirts...where did they all go during the concert??? The more dressed up audience, the less emotions they show.. I was pretty much the only one on my feet, aisle seat right side (thanks, Lydia!)... The band looked kind of tired (except for the ever-smiling Andre), a great difference in mood from Wolftrap...They put together a great show however, as they always do. And NICOLAS SANG FANDAGO!!! I missed "Quero Libertad" and "Pena Penita", other than that I think they did all the favorites (MY favorites, at least;)...

Attencion, Canutians: His ponytail was gone, that is, he had his hair loose on his shoulders, and man, does that look LOVELY!

At one point Patchai brought a little girl up on the stage to dance, and did that kid know what she was doing!! Wow! Later I overheard a conversation that she learned to dance like that from her gypsy grandma..

By the end of the show people finally started having fun and the aisles were packed....there was a rope keeping people from getting to the stage tho...Me and another girl kept sneaking around it, and the security would push us back, people behind us would cheer and we would do it again. It was hysterical! It took the band some time to come out for the encore, I almost thought they won't do it...Finaly they came back and started the "Tiki tiki song". I HAD to go dance for that one! Pascal rushed out to "talk" to the security, and I was free to go..Tonino looked as in "Didn't I see her before?", Patchai laughed and Paco, Paco stepped forward and BEAMED FROM EAR TO EAR! He knows his fan club is out there!!!!

That's when the party began, people dancing, girls jumping on stage.. On the way out I heard people complaining that they came for "Volare" and never got it...