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U.S. Tour 2000

Boston, Massachusetts
September 9, 2000

FleetBoston (Harbor Lights) Pavillion

Saw them last evening in Boston. Everybody under that tent, was on their feet, clapping to the rhythm, and what a show they gave!!!! It was the very first GK concert I've ever attended. I came away highly impressed. Hope I can see them next year.

Vivian R.

For those who were not able to attend, the Saturday night concert in Boston was wonderful. I attended with a small, but very loyal group of friends who have attended for the past 6 years. GKs orchestrated a great mix of new and old songs. The venue was a sell out and fairly lively, although we all noted how the crowd seems to have changed over the years*. Thank God for an improved sound system and mixing, but there is still room for considerable improvement at FleetBoston Pavilion. I still leave every GK concert alive, refreshed, but just a little drained from the outpouring of energy.


*In the past 6 years the GK Boston audience has become much more mainstream. Six years ago there was a lot more black leather and much less denim. Six years ago the crowd was TOTALLY into the music....now you see spouses (both men and women) who have been dragged way from their TV's for night out.....fewer people seem to know the songs and the words. My guess is that there were more women than men in the audience on Saturday, but that has been consistent over the years.

What hasn't changed is the cross section of ages....the electricity that the performance brings...and the excitement you see in some people who you know are at their first GK concert.


Just got back from the Boston concert, and it was, as usual, AWESOME!! It was so great to see them again...... met up w/fellow list mem, Jeremy and his friends....(fun meeting up w/you!) I brought along my sister, who was a first time gk concert goer, and she loved it also! (how could you not?) although, I wished they had played longer...))))

What hasn't changed is the cross section of ages....the electricity that the performance brings...and the excitement you see in some people who you know are at their first GK concert.

I agree with Jack's comments about the pavillion venue and about the people who have their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, that they 'dragged out'. Off to one side, I noticed a woman was w/her husband who sat, without moving (!) while she danced, smiled, and clapped along, then he finally got up to clap for the final encore........... ahhh, you can't help but to get caught up in all the excitement.....

baila on!

gk refreshed,
~ joni ~

I had the good luck to connect with another list member (Jeremy) who happened to have a spare ticket to the Boston show. This was my "fist time" (if you will) seeing them perform. I had waited for this opportunity for more than two years.

I agree, they were "on fire". I wouldn't know if they were not in "top form". They certainly did sound very strong, vocally and instrumentally. When I heard Nicholas sing the first few lyrics to "La Dona", my soul smiled. That is one of my favorite songs by the GKs. I know they did a few tunes off "Compas". And some songs I didn't recognize. I especially loved the new rhythm section. The drummer and conga player (is that what you call those drums to the left?) were ablaze. The sound and light show was something akin to a rock and roll concert. Since the audience was on their best behavior, I left with a very positive opinion about the whole night. I saw Spanish women dancing in wild abandon...in a free-spirited sort-of-way, and it made me very happy to see others enjoying themselves so much. I have been raving to all my friends (not GK fans themselves) about this earthy group of musicians/singers from Arles/Montpellier. I found the venue a perfect place to see these guys. I came home very tired and very late, but so content. After 10 years.....I finally got to see the Gipsy Kings.

Vivian Ringuette (Vivvy)