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U.S. Tour 2000

Newark, New Jersey
September 10, 2000

New Jersey Performing Arts Center

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is a glamorous new building (maybe 2 years old), the facilities were very nice and our seats almost perfect. The boys were late for half an hour and the audience started to me impatient, some guy announced that they would be out very soon.

Finally they did and the fiesta started... The air conditioning was not set properly, it was uncomfortable for us the audience as well as for the GKs, still everybody was on their feet, dancing and singing. I noticed the band has improved a lot (compared to Berkeley which was their 2nd performance) they all did very good. Nicolas voice was in good shape. Also Andre, Patchai and Canut took the lead singing more than usual. In all these years I have been attending their concerts, it was the first one where Tonino smiled almost all the time and of course he did an impecable performance. I tried to check about the backstage passes, but since I didn't do it before the concert, when I tried it was impossible to get them. I told the guy I will check again for the RCMH concert to see if my name was on the list. He told me how to do it and I thanked him for trying to get me in. As usual, I didn't take note of the play list, I spent my time enjoying their performance I dind't think of anything else.

Soooo... I left the place happy of seeing them performing and counting the time for the next concert at the Radio City.