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Appearances in Japan:

Finally, the GIPSY KINGS JAPAN TOUR 2000 has started from Fukuoka on May 11.

I just came back from Tokyo. The GK were soooooo GREAT!!!! Nicolas' voice was really soulful and powerful, and Tonino's guitar playing technic was quite perfect!!! I can say that their lives were both fantastic!!!

The audience was so excited and the GK members were all very cheerful. I was so glad that Tonino played "Inspiration", which I love the most!

Anyway, I had the greatest time of my life!!!

They are playing in Sendai tonight, in Nagoya on 5/16 and the final stage is in Osaka on 5/17. I hope they will play in Japan every year.......

Here is their playing list:

5/11 Fukuoka Sun-palace:

GK Members (L. to R.): Paul, Andre, Nicolas, Tonino, Patchai, Georges, Canut
Bass: Gerardo Prevost
Keyboads: Dominique Droin
Percussions: Rodolfo Pacheco
Drums: Jorge Trasante

Part 1

  1. La Dona (by Nicolas)
  2. Djobi, Djoba (by Canut)
  3. Lleva Me (New song by Nicolas)
  4. Galaxia (Instrumental by Tonino)
  5. Un Amor (by Nicolas)
  6. La Negra (New song by Andre)
  7. Baila Me (by Nicolas)
  8. Todos Ole (by Patchai)
  9. Bem Bem Maria (by Nicolas)

    Intermission: 20min.

    Part 2

  10. Inspiration (Instrumental by Tonino)
  11. Campana Suena (New song by Andre)
  12. Trista Pena (by Nicolas)
  13. *Majiwi (New song by Nicolas)
  14. Montana (by Canut)
  15. Salsa De Noche (Instrumental by Tonino)
  16. Poco A Poco (New song by Patchai)
  17. A Tu Vera (by Canut)
  18. Volare (by Nicolas)

Encore: Bamboleo! (by Nicolas)

5/13 Tokyo International Forum:

Difference: Intermission - 25min.

*13. Oy (by Canut, Andre and Nicolas)

Chieko Utsunomiya

I went to the last concert in Osaka. That was so great !! The playing list was the same as the one in Tokyo as Chie reported..

I put some comments on the songs they did.

8. Todos Ole (by Patchai) was the same as the one contained in Los Reyes-Gipsy Legend.

11. Campana Suena (New song by Andre) was also the same as "Solo Dire" in Ricao's album "Angelitos Negros". I believe this song was composed by Manolo.

Junichi S.

Unfortunately, Michael was not there.

Junichi S.

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