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The Texas Swing:

Four listmembers followed the Gipsy Kings all through Texas:

The "Texas Swing" crew: (left to right) Cathy, Juliet, Elena, Benn

The crew plus one (Katie Jung) in Austin

I'm back from the gipsy dreamland..... Real life kicks in with an 11-hour workday, but I'm walking around with a huge smile on my face, tapping the rhythm and getting weird looks: "What WAS she up to in Texas?" WHAT A FANTASTIC WEEK! After each show I kept thinking this was the BEST, you can't beat it, it can't get any better than this, but IT DID!! EL PASO: was fun to watch the crowd finally break the ice and rush to the front, a whole squad of security working on stage... AUSTIN: we're screaming our heads off right in front of Canut and he smiles! Laughs!! Says "thank you"!!! AND DOES A 3-SECOND SALSA STEP!!!YESS! SAN ANTONIO: we're being chased by the security back and forth in front of the stage, not intimidated in the least... HOUSTON: Benn and I go wild up on our feet since the first song, sitting down for "Un Amor" only to wave our hands in the air... DALLAS: we are officially recognized fan bunch known by name and place of birth, crew people come up to talk to us before the show, security clears up space for us to dance up front, and the Gipsies wave, smile and send kisses... What a joy, you love a band and they love you back!

Hasta la proxima,

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These gals had some SERIOUS FUN!!

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