Journal Pavillion

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Tuesday, September 3, 2002


We live in Colorado but drove to New Mexico (as that was the closest venue to us for a "road trip" - a mere 6.5 hour drive) to attend the Albuquerque performance and have to say it was FANTASTIC, despite the rain - yes, it rained the entire first half of the program. They took a break and thankfully the rain let up upon their return for the second half. The Journal Pavillion is an outdoor venue for those who are not familiar with it, although the performers are under a roof, so at least the fellas did not have to "sing in the rain". But everyone was on their feet and dancing throughout the evening, and rain or shine (as the tickets indicated) we had a wonderful time. We had really good seats considering we are not season ticket holders at the Pavillion (good tickets were not so easy to get) - we sat stage right with aisle seats directly in front of Pablo and Andre, about 7 rows back. Nicolas, who happens to be my favorite Gipsy King, looked and sounded great, and smiled and laughed with the crowd throughout the night. Pablo and Andre seem to enjoy performing just as much as we enjoyed seeing and listening to their performance. They both seemed to enjoy the crowd with lots of eye contact, smiles, and dancing to the beat. Tonino was at his absolute best (as usual) and Patchai and Diego kept the crowd on their feet. I am very sorry for those GK members who did not get the chance to attend any of the performances on this tour because here again, they all were awesome and performing at their very best. This was our fourth Gipsy King concert and even when we sat in the very front row directly in front of Nicolas at the Chicago Theatre (two tours ago), we had just as much fun at this concert; as I think too, that the sound is better the further away from the stage you are.

Now, WHY they chose to play Volare as an encore is far beyond is my least favorite of all the pieces they play - ah well, it was still good to be able to listen to them just a little bit more - as my husband said, it NEVER lasts long enough.

We salute the Gipsy Kings and may their music last forever!

My wife and I took my sister and her new husband as a wedding gift. He is a musician and plays GK, Santana, and Eagles. They are a good band and I knew they would like it. We arrived a day early (laborday} we had to call in sick to work. But it was worth it. The amphitheater was like 2 years old and awsome surrounded by mountains in new mexico. The weather was good it rained for about 30min. but no one cared. We sat in the gold circle which were good seats. when we looked behind us during the show everyone was dancing. I have never witnessed anything like that. It was our first time but certainly not our last. They did 2 of My favorite songs (un amor, and canto a brazil). Don't miss an opportunity to see them if you get a chance. Ole'.

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