Greek Theatre

Berkeley, California - Friday, August 30, 2002


It was a great concert, the band looked great and everybody was happy. Nicholas' voice was superb as mentioned before in other comments, Andre and Patchai took turns on the lead. Patchai really moves the crowd. Although the brothers did a great job covering Canut, he was really missed. As usual they provided an excellent show. The crowd was up and dancing. I specially enjoyed Solo, Solo Dire which is my grandaughter's favorite song (with only 3 years old she really sings it all the time - using her own words).

I think that going to one concert is too little, I may have to plan to attend to at least two in the future. Play list was the same than the first night of the tour, so there is no sense to repeat it.

We really enjoyed the concert... Now... back to reality.

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