Chicago Theatre

Chicago, Illinois - Saturday, August 24, 2002


I think my heart is still in my throat and tears in my eyes from the concert last night here in Chicago. It was my first time to see GK live. I thought I was slightly crazy to travel from the Detroit area just to go to a concert, but now I'm wishing I had the resources to see every other concert left on their U.S. tour. Such camaraderie, sheer joy in playing they showed!! I don't think I've danced and cheered as much for any other group! All I can say more is <> and hope that my Walkman batteries last through my camping trip so that I can pretend the concert is still going on!

it was so much fun to meet other members from the list and learn more about the GK. Many thanks to Victoria for giving me her backstage pass so that I might have an opportunity to meet them. We did end up seeing them as they boarded their bus, and everyone's wishes for Canut's recovery and Tonino's birhtday were passed on by the gang.

Que triste pena that it's over!!!

A quick post. I can't improve on Efren's concert review (how do you do that right after the show?!) but Chicago had the same play list. No, I did not go backstage. I gave my pass to Jeanna. I did get smiles and nods from Tonino on stage and was able to hand off my b-day gift to David before the show. There was quite a lot of people hanging out in the alley after the show so I didn't stick around to catch anyone as they left the building to board the bus. We were sitting in the first row in the pit, stage left (REALLY MISSED CANUT!!) but getting a lot of smiles from Diego was a treat. Patchai worked the crowd, "Senor Show Biz". From where I sat (with speakers blaring in our faces) it was hard to get a complete sound mix. It's a toss up, sit up close/ can't hear or not close/ better sound mix. Dinner before the concert was great! John, thanks for making the dinner arrangements and we were disappointed that you couldn't make it. I met Karin, Judy, Jeanna and Yusuf for the first time. Most of us met after the concert at the hotel lounge and shared our impressions. I'll let others describe the backstage experience. That's it in a nutshell. For those waiting for their concerts, have a great time!!

We arrived at the Theatre in the nick of time and got seated. I had goosebumps when we got to the usher. I was so damn excited. I have waited years to see these guys and Lord have Mercy-I'd wait fifty years for another chance. My seat was so close and I was blown away by their performance (I can't think of a word in the English language to describe it so I will use the Arabic term, which I hope I spell correctly). Tara- {soft a} which means ecstasy but more in a euphoric angelic way. Also my daughter's name. When they segued into Un Amor I was so moved I started to cry and it took everything I had not to start blubbering (So much for the make-up). Nicholas sang the song with such passion and fire and it is such a bittersweet heart wrenching song. Incredible!

The drums-Oh my God! the drums! I danced and shimmied and moved and shook things I didn't know could move! It was fantastic. The best organic drug in the universe. I was in total awe of these Kings- AND THEY ARE THE KINGS - I dare anyone to challenge that one. I'll tell you one thing-young dudes can't hold a candle to these guys. They can run circles around musicians half their age.

The usher seated me in the wrong damn chair the first time and I did not even realize it. Then after the break here comes another usher with a couple and he asks to see my ticket. Well!!! They had me in the fourth row instead of third. I was robbed!! dammit but that was cool because then I was next to this tall guy with his wife instead of right smack behind him. I am only 5'4. I was on the left side. There was a gal in row 1 and she was dancing with a little boy and you should have seen the glee on his face. It was too cool. That was all I could yell all night. "COOL...COOL..OH YEAH...COOL...OH YEAH..!!!!!

I have no voice left after Bamboleo. Tonino was in our area and he was digging the audience big time. There were 2 younger girls in front who were putting a huge smile on his face. It was great. Poor Sabrina- I did not realize her seat was so much further back. She was on the left side seat in center. She said the people next to her were duds and didn't stand or get into it at all. She said the guy opposite her on the left kept staring at her and making her uncomfortable. She said she turned to her right to see who he was staring at and then realized it was her. Then he left his seat and his date was giving her dagger looks. Like it's her fault the dude is an ogler. (Sabrina is a gorgeous tall blonde so you can't blame the guy that much). There was a couple in the center area up front and they started dancing together and it was a beautiful sight. You know he had a big smile on his face at the end of that night. Then some fellow started rushing to the front with his guitar just playing his heart out. God love him- but the star guards had to hold him at bay. He stayed right there and jammed all the way with him. It was great. Of course after the last song we all raised hell till they came back for an encore. Volare was the perfect song to do. The entire theatre was rockin'. I feel bad for the guys on either side of me because I knocked the crap out of them a few times accidentally. I could not help myself; I was getting into it big time. By the time it was done I was soaked in sweat. I waited till the floor cleared a little and tried to find some of you guys. I was approached by security and tried to explain I was looking for my friends from "The List". He says, "I need to see your backstage pass" and I told him I don't want to go backstage I am trying to find my friends from the list". As you can imagine he looked at me like I was nuts. So I yelled out at groups of people- "IS ANYONE HERE FROM THE LIST?" And they all looked at me like I was nuts. So I had to leave- just as well because I had to hit the shower at home.

And Pacheco kicked ass!

And that's all she wrote:)))))

The reviews that have been posted so far about the Chicago show pretty much express my feelings too. It was amazing! This was my second year in row seeing them. Canut was missed, we hope to see him next year. It was great meeting some members of the list before the concert at Sol Y Nieve. We missed you John. For those of you who'll be seeing GK in concert, you're in for a treat. Enjoy yourselves.

The Chicago show was suuuuuuper!!! I had a really great seat (2nd row after the pit) and was having so much fun!

Before the show we've met up with Victoria, Marie and their husbands, Juliet, Judy, Jeanna as well as some other GKML members (unfortunately I don't remember their names though, sorry guys) at a Tapas place called Sol y Nieve. Unfortunately, John, who had made the reservation for us, got stuck in Tampa. We met him later at the show. Was nice meeting you all, Especially Victoria and Marie.

The set list was the same as in previous shows. I really liked the song, where they all come together and play faster and faster (still don't know the name, though). They really rocked and the crowed was awsome.

I gave the get well card for Canut to David as well as all the presents for Tonino, since we weren't sure whether we'll make it backstage or not. Well, we didn't. Got backstage passes - but they didn't let us backstage.

Have been able to say hello and goodbye to all of them when they got out and went towards the bus, though. Was so happy to being able to say Happy Birthday to Tonino personally.

Well, folks, I had a fantastic week in the US, was great to meet so many people I haven't met before. Now it's back to reality.

Saludos from Switzerland

Victoria summed things up pretty well, and there isn't a whole lot to add to it. Patchai seems to have emerged as the one who gets the audience going - "Senor Show Biz," indeed. Nicolas' singing was wonderful - expressive and soulful. Tonino's playing was splendid, especially during selections from his CD, and Pacheco got in a couple of great percussion solo bits. The entire group seemed to be enjoying themselves onstage, Canut's absence and technical glitches notwithstanding.

Those of you who have concerts ahead of you are in for a great night of music. Enjoy yourselves!!

Chicago...what a great city! Thai restaurant around 8:00 the first night, French for breakfast and Emilios Tapas (sp) before the concert. We wandered all over the city for cards and stuff then around 2:30ish we stopped by the Chicago theater to see if I could upgrade my ticket but were told that there were no more. They were doing the sound check..Nico was singing.

It was fantastic to hang with my sister queens again and to meet so many other list members. John?....what a terrific guy...tapas bar next time! But he made the concert so he has his priorities straight. Victoria (It was so nice of her to give Jeanna her pass..neat lady) & Marty, Marie & David, Jeanna, Barbara, Yusuf, Frank....hope I didn't miss anybody. All good people......oh!...and David! He was so nice to bring all our stuff backstage to the GKs and everything he tried to do for us.

I wasn't sitting with anyone I knew but it worked out great because the girl next to me was solo also and was up dancing all the time and so was I, and the two senior citizens in front of us were up, too.

Being new to the list last year I didn't know what everyone was talking about when they talked of the Fandango. It was one of my favorite parts of the show. When you just get to go to one show it seems like it over way too fast.

Sighhhh......Bonjour Gipsy Kings......Hope to see you next year Canut.

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