Greek Theatre

Los Angeles, California - September 6 and 7, 2002


This is your VIP winner talking in regards to Friday night show. Met up with Lydia and her mom (very nice people) went to claim my ticket was seated in middle of the theatre not far from the stage, was raining while the concert was going on had VIP treatment until the end. The hospitality room along with food and drinks, during intermission, and after the concert came the good part again in hospitality room with the Gipsy Kings (my dream come true) I still can't believe it. Very nice people especially Pacheco what a sweetheart.

For some reason the L.A. crowd was not with it I just didn't feel these people had no rythmn at all. I was surprised because usually people are up and dancing. I just hope tonight's concert is a little better. Don't get me wrong the GK were fabulous but the crowd they need to move little more.

Well I am off it's back to the Greek for another fabulous night with the Gipsy Kings.

Second night:

Saturday's show was awesome the best and sitting in the third row in the Pit made it even more exciting. I was seated in front of Andre and Nicolas so that made me feel like I was on cloud nine (which I'll probably still be floating until the next GK concert). Pablo noticed that I was dancing mostly to every song and singing my heart out so he would smile at me. He made a little nervous. Ah, but well worth it.

The concert was more alive this time with more dancing and with more excitement.

The music, Tonino maestro was awesome the Good Lord gave him an amazing talent that he knows how to use. Nicolas, with his amazing voice sang with heart and soul I was just mesmerized. Patchai and Andre can really get their feet to move they did some dancing while singing their songs which made the crowd move and loosen up a little.

Being at both concerts was an amazing experience, first being backstage for the first time was an experience I will never forget. Second, being in the Pit section and to be able to experience the energy of their music up close was truly amazing. For sure, next year I will purchase another ticket. It's well worth it.

I can't wait till next year to experience another fabulous GK concert.

Ooops, I almost forgot I told Nicolas that his new name is: El Gitano con las voz de oro. (The Gipsy with the golden voice)he got a big kick out of that..

I hope we have all the GK on tour next year (are they taking turns not being on tour)it is not the same when one is missing.

Gipsy Kings Forever

On a gorgeous Saturday night in Los Angeles, we arrived at the Greek Theatre in great anticipation of seeing my all-time favorite "live" group . . . GK. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that Canut was missing!!!!!!! I didn't learn until this morning that he was not on this tour due to a burn/injury. I was actually stunned . . . HE is the reason I see them year after year. I figured it was going to be a disappointing night. . . . But hey . . .they were incredible!!!! A zillion times better than two years ago, and at least equivalent to last year's concert - which was my favorite of all concerts I've seen of them. We were on our feet from the first song on . . .except for a few "soft" tunes . . . the crowd could not sit down. Particularly in the second half of the show, the GK energy, showmanship and sound were 'TIGHT' . . . I love these guys. What I wouldn't give to meet them in person! Maybe next year . . . when my guy, Canut, is back. I missed him terribly last night . . . but I also enjoyed the GK just as much as I ever have! ~ Why I didn't get tickets for two nights . . . I don't know. Next year . . .definitely!

Last night's concert was awsome musically speaking anyway, they did not play viento de arena and they played volare for an uncore, tonino was wonderfully magical and the back up band was superb. I loved that drummer's beat, pacheco's solo was impeccable, there was a lot to be desired in the vocals area but they sang their hearts out anyway ,as the saying goes the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

All I can say is WOW. I had the time of my life. I have never been so close to the front, and I loved it. I cannot find the words to say what I felt. I was in awe, dumbfounded, with chills running all over my body. It even made my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth! The weather was perfect, the Greek was lit up with stars, LITERALLY.

Me and my friends sat in the "pit/orchstra", second row. OK, maybe it was not front row, licking their shoes, but to me, I felt like I was sitting "in a transport of delight."

The fabulous part of sitting where I was sitting, was that this couple in front of me were just enjoying the music, on their, excuse the word, asses, because they sat down most of the show! Thanks to that couple I enjoyed the show, as if I was smack in the front! I danced all songs, except for one, as I had to sit and catch my breath. I surprised myself, because I sang all the songs that had lyrics. Heck, if I didn't know a word or two, I made up my own. The point is that they noticed me singing and dancin', like a true fan. My cintura and caderas hadn't moved that way for a long while!! Screw the gym... I just lost 10 pounds last nite!

I know this is not a big deal to most of you, because a lot of you have "been there, done that," but my uttermost, most amazing, wondrous moment at this concert was the beautiful eye contact with the band. I even got a "wink" from Tonino, and plenty of smiles from Andre and Patchai. My friends were a bit disappointed with Nicholas, because he didn't show much emotion towards the fans. My friends joked about him being "stuck up and into himself," but all I could say was that he was "feeling" the music and the moment, that is why he appeared like that. I could just stare at him all nite long. The way he closed his eyes when he sang his heart out... Himself alone, gave me a profound and intense performance.

PS Thanks to all the fans that support Tonino, I now could understand why they say he is the best guitarist ever. He had me mesmerized.

All I can tell you is that I was in heaven. Entre las nubes. Que pasion, que ambiente tan maravilloso. (I was in the clouds. What passion, what a marvelous ambiance).

I saw the show in Los Angeles Saturday night and they were great! Canut of course, was missed and I felt so good telling people why he was not there. And the reason I knew why he wasn't there was because of this list. And for that, I am grateful. You keep on loving and caring for your family. Sometimes, I feel like they are part of mine because they have given me so many wonderful memories. I had the honor to meet most of them at the Hyatt Hotel in Albuquerque last year and spent about an hour with Canut, smoking cigarettes while my friend and I were waiting for the valet to bring the car. He is a wonderful person and very humble. I told him every time I hear A Tu Vera I pretend they are singing to me (that's my name).

God bless you and my best regards to Canut and tell him we all are looking forward to seeing him next year!

Most of the americans in LA were telling us to be quiet and to sit down. A guy behind me told his wife after they started singing Djobi "that must have been one of their big hits". I turned around and said to him, that is one of many of their hits. One thing that really disappointed me about the Greek is to see so many empty seats up front. I was willing to pay whatever they were asking for a seat in the front and was told they were all sold out and this happened the first day they sold tickets for the Greek. How can people get wonderful seats and don't show up?

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