Mandalay Bay Beach Stage

Las Vegas, Nevada - Sunday, September 1, 2002


Time of our Lives!!

The Gipsy Kings sold out concert last night at the Mandalay Bay Beach was Fabulous! It was absolutely AWESOME! The venue is a tropical lagoon pool with a man-made sand beach and a wave pool. It's way too cool! You can either sit on the sand or stand in the wave pool. The water was so cool and refreshing on a hot night! A DJ from 97.1 "The Point" a local Las Vegas radio station, told the crowd to chat "Gipsy Kings", "Gipsy Kings" and the band appeared on stage! Everyone on the beach was standing up and dancing to the Gipsy Kings! The roar and excitement of the audience was Great! Pascal made his usual greetings and the concert began!

The band played staight through with no break. The concert began at 9pm and ended at 10:20pm. Aw! It seemed so short without an intermission! The songs were same except no Un Amor, Fandango etc. Patchai and Andre took over the lead on most of the songs. Nicolas didn't sing as much! They played a wonderful Todos Todos Ole! Patchai dancing his heart out on stage! Blanca and I managed to walk closer to the stage, and we got to see the band better. It was so much fun being in the wave pool, and occassionally a wave would hit you when you least expect it! Splash!

Good eye contact with the band and even on a few songs Blanca and I got serenaded by Patchai! It was too WILD! People dancing all the time in the wave pool! Great solos by Pacheco on congo drums, the drummer, bass guitar and the keyboard player. The Gipsy Kings played out their heart and soul to the audience. Everyone singing along with the band, and swaying in the water! A real beach party!

We had such a fantastic time! Little did we know that we ended backstage! It was Blanca and me ...and the Gipsy Kings! We had them all for ourselves! Patchai got us through security and just waved Blanca and I right in. Blanca presented Tonino with a beautiful plaque from his Connecticut fans! Tonino absolutely loved it, and was speechless! We socialized with the band.... got pictures with Pablo, Patchai, Tonino, Pacheco, and our beloved cuddly bear Nicolas! It was so cozy and intimate backstage! A great reunion with the Gipsy Kings! A night I'll always cherish and treasure! It was a beautiful night!

A champagne toast to the Gipsy Kings! We love you!

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