Molson Amphitheatre

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - August 25, 2002


The concert was so awesome. We had a wonderful time. My seven year old daughter danced the entire concert, and she was so happy to be there (her first concert). My son was having a great time as well, he is not a dancer, but he was imitating playing all the instruments. We had such a wonderful time. There was so much electricity and energy. I did notice Nicolas looked a little tired, and you could tell his fingers were hurting, but he put all his heart into it, and he was awesome.

I really enjoyed their new songs they included, poquito a poco, and Una Campana Suena, I also loved llevame el compas. The drummer, I beleived someone mentioned was Diego was beyond great. He actually received a couple of standing ovations. His pieces were so intense. I love the hand clapping, I am always at awe on how they can coordinate such beautiful clapping.

It was also great to be able to see them up close through the huge tv monitor.

The theatre was not completely full, and the crowd was not as interested as the NYC crowd last year. It took them much longer to get warmed up, and some people even looked bored!! I, on the other hand, had an amazing time, I love their music, the passion they put in their music. It is so great to put the faces with the music in my cd. My only complaint is they continue not playing my absolutely two favorite songs, Amiwawa and Baila Me.

Toronto is a beautiful city, I loved Lake Ontario, and the Molson Amphitheater is a great location for a concert.

Well the concert started at 8:15pm with a somewhat packed amphitheatre...By 9:10 it was intermission....a little disappointed....Nicholas seemed as though he was under the weather...although fantastic as always....concert finshed by 10:10 including 1 encore...crowd took quite awhile to warm up usually they are on their feet the entire show..(I was though...had fabulous seats....front row centre compliments of Patchai along with backstage passes)..the after show was great....Patchai, Titi, Andre, Paul were very pleasant....did the autograph & picture thing....then it was off to a local bar in Toronto!!! All in all a fabulous night....

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