Wolf Trap

Vienna, Virginia - August 19 & 20, 2002


The Wolftrap gang got together last night for the pre-concert activities...ended up at the Ritz Carlton Hotel where the GKs are staying. Sure enough, some of the guys joined us at the bar area. There was Tonino, Andre, Patchai and some of the management people. We were told that Canut will not be on this year's tour because he burnt his arm badly during a family barbecue. Too bad!!

On to the first Wolftrap concert tonight!!!


The band sounded awesome, Nicolas sounds wonderful, and it was just great to see them again. The back up band was made up of Pacheco (Da MAN!!), DOMINIQUE is back!, a new drummer and a new bass player, both of whose names I did not get, and Titi.

The GK: Tonino, Nicolas, Diego, Patchai, Andre, Pablo.

I didn't know about Canut since I didn't read the list earlier, so I was shocked that he was not there. Dominique told Annie that he burned his hand trying to light some charcoals, and he was wearing a nylon shirt, which just melted on his skin.

Here is a set list:

Recuerdo Apasionado
Tristessa! (they haven't played this live since the 80's!
Llevame El Compas
Djobi Djoba (Andre vocals)
Un Amor
Una Campana Suena
La Doņa
Todo Ole


Sueņo de noche
Viento Del Arena!!!
Canto A Brazil!!!
Salsa de noche
Poquito a poco
A tu vera
Encore: Pena Penita

Well, I've rambled on long enough, it's late here in Maryland right now and I got to rest for tomorrow's show! Everyone, take note: this is a kick ass tour with them doing old songs that haven't been performed in YEARS! You are all in for a great treat.

As you've heard, the concerts were awesome. The crowd at Wolftrap was boisterous and appreciative. A big dance crowd, and there was PLENTY to dance to. I love Wolftrap. The sound was good, the lights were great. The band was waaaay together.

It was the 10th year for most of in our group to drive up from Newport News to see and hear the Gipsy Kings. Again, we were not disappointed. The band really smoked in the 2nd half of the 2nd half. If the whole concert had the drive and energy of this part of the concert noone would have been able to drive home. We would all still be there resting up.

We missed Canut and "Montana", but his absence will make the anticipation for next year great.

I am sure that it was the band's 5,363rd time(at least) to play Bamboleo, and how they maintain the interest and intensity to play again and again is a mystery. But they did, and it was as good as the first time I heard them play. It is a newer arrangement, but OH SO GOOD.

I started out at 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning from Conn., picked up my sister in Spring Lake, N. J. then drove straight to Va. for this show. I loved it from beginning to end. I thought the audience was a little cold at the beginnig, but it didn't take the GK too long to heat them up. I noticed right away that Canut was missing but I didn't know it was due to an accident. I think Patchai did a fantastic job. They were more exciting than when we saw them at Mohegan Sun last year.

Tuesday night my brother, Jeff, attended his first GK concert. We recently decided our birthday presents to each other must revolve around doing something together, so I took him to see Hamlet and he took me to GK. I was still very disappointed that Canut would not be there to sing Montana and A Tu Vera, my favorite songs, but enjoyed the show more (I was kind of in shock Monday). I pointed out "Canto do Brasil" to Jeff and he no doubt thinks that was in his honor, since he was born in Sao Paulo. He had heard from my sister-in-law, who'd come with me to Merriweather four years ago, that I like to sit up front, so he brought earplugs! But he didn't use them and said afterward he "wouldn't mind seeing them again." So it looks like this will become my annual present from him. Now if only I can get my other brother to finance the second Wolf Trap concert!

Second Night's Concert:

All I have to say about the concert is that it was phenomenal. Same set list, crowd was great, and the guys were awesome.

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