Wolf Trap

Vienna, Virginia - August 19 & 20, 2002


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Lydia and Ellen at the Legal Seafood Restaurant before the show.
Sunday night.

Juliet and Karin at the Legal Seafood Restaurant - Tyson's Galleria.
2 of the Gipsy Queens from SMDLM. Sunday night, August 18

Georgia, Karin, Juliet, Carmen, Elena, Lydia, Olga (Lydia's mom) and Ellen.
Our dinner at the Legal Seafood Restaurant. Sunday night.

Lydia and Patchai at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. I'm showing off my mylinka bags.
Carmen in the background.

Andre, Karin, Tonino, Titi and Georgia at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
Sunday night, August 18.

One of the GK assistants, Richard
Andre and Lydia at the Ritz Carlton. Sunday, August 18

Cathy with the backup band.
(left to right)Dominique (keyboards), Stephane Lambatte (drums)
Cathy, Fernando Padilla-Delgado (bass)

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