U.S. TOUR 2004

Berkeley, California - July 2

We got there, was cold weather (weird for being summer). Berkeley was approx 80-90% full, it was scheduled for a Friday at 8:30 and many people left town due to the long weekend, but still the crowd did a very good job at dancing and singing.

Concert was great.. a little slow the first part, much rhythm/beat on the second part.

Touring this year: Andre, Patchai, Paul, Nicolas, Tonino, Diego, Canut (places in the stage)

Band: Sorry, I don’t know them: Pacheco, Bass a guy with dark pony tail, I couldn’t see the other 2.

The boys looked excellent, voices are great, mood very good… but they felt the cold weather, anyway they enjoyed it a lot… very smiling, happy, joking, etc. and Patchai really rocks and moves the crowd.

Talking of the crowd… there was a big group that go a little wild… towards the end they were jumping everywhere, singing, obstructing the view, etc…, but they were enjoying the concert so much that we overlooked their behavior.

I still think Tonino is the best I have seen/listen… he is the master, so is Nicolas for his voice and the other members are each equal.

I got the playlist, but I don’t remember the names of the new songs, sorry for that:

  • Aven Aven
  • Instrumental by Tonino
  • Compas by Nicolas
  • Hermanos – Canut
  • Petite Noya – YES… Diego sings
  • Como siento yo – Nicolas
  • Instrumental – Tonino
  • ??? – Andre
  • Djobi, Djoba – Andre
  • ??? – Patchai


  • Instrumental - Tonino
  • Fandango – Canut
  • Boogie – Nicolas
  • ??? Amor, amore – Canut
  • Quiero Saber – Nicolas
  • Pharaon – Tonino
  • ??? – patchai
  • Bem Bem Maria – Nicolas
  • A tu vera – canut
  • Todos Ole – Patchai
  • Bamboleo
  • Volare
  • Pena Penita - Patchai