U.S. TOUR 2004

Boston, Massachusetts - July 21

First off, the concert was LOUD. I don't know what it is about the FleetBoston Pavilion née Harborlights, but every concert I have been to there, every year, has been f-cking loud. Enough that it detracts from the music, every damn year. My friend Eric's comment was "I've seen both Pantera and Rob Zombie in concert, and neither one was this loud."

Anyway, the playlist... they played more of the old standbys than I thought they would, given some of the reviews, including "Djobi Djoba", "Baila Me", "A Tu Vera", "Liberte" (?), "Bamboleo" (2nd-half closer), and "Volare" (encore). We were halfway to the shuttle bus by the time Volare was over. I really really really wish they would retire the songs I just mentioned, except "Bamboleo" (you have to have some traditions). Annoyingly, some of the old standbys they did NOT play were "Pena Penita", "Galaxia", "Un Amor" (I was at the concert with a girlfriend for the first time EVER, and they didn't f-cking play that song!), and a bunch of other good songs. I wish they had played "Pena Penita", "Galaxia", and "Un Amor" instead of "Djobi Djoba", "Volare", and "Baila Me".

I have noticed over the years that instead of becoming filled at the end of each song with anticipation about what they'll play next, I become filled with appehension that it's going to be something I have heard 800 quadzillion times before. (At least they didn't play Montaña AGAIN). Next year they should play only songs they haven't played in concert for at least 5 years.

They also played a few songs off Roots, including "Rhythmic" (their opener), "Petite Noyas" (with Diego sharing the lead), and a couple of the instrumentals (including "Tampa", I believe, although I don't know the new CD song names by sound yet).

And, they played a bunch of stuff I had never heard before (and neither had my mom). One was sung by André... perhaps it was the song from his solo CD (which I don't have). A couple were instrumentals... nothing special (for them).

But they played Tristessa!!

The band was in good form; certainly all the GK played and sung with the skill I have come to expect. Nicolas' voice was good; his duende was in top form. Tonino's performance was not all I had hoped for. He remains indisputably one of the greatest guitarists alive, but his style in concerts lately has become extremely minimalistic, unadorned, even harsh. I remember him playing a ten-minute version of Pharaon about six years ago that had me in a fervor of worship. Nothing like that this year. Also, he was doing something weird with the timing about which Eric (a guitarist himself) said "If he wasn't Tonino I'd say he was f-cking up. But he is Tonino, so he must be doing it on purpose. Which begs the question: why?"

Interestingly, Nicolas and Paul performed some sort of body-switch experiment. Either that, or else since last year Nicolas got really gray and Paul got a full-on dye job.

Moving on, the backup band was, to use Bob's phrase, tight. They played with more skill and style than I have seen in a long time. They were probably the best backup band I've seen with the GK, with the possible exception of the drummer (who was excellent to be sure, but who is no Negrito... but let's face it, who is?). Their bassist and pianist especially were better than the guys last year, or even Dominique and Gerard. They played with excitement and style and both had a couple solos. And Pacheco was in rare form, even for him! I would have paid money just to listen to the backup band jam for an hour.

Anyway, on the whole, I would give the concert a B-, which of course compared to the population of concerts generally, is still an A.


Boston show....LOVED it.....First and best concert for me....The Pavilion was the perfect venue on the night....stars, stars, and more stars....Meg

Just got back from Boston (just in time, too!) and have to say the concert at the outdoor Fleet Pavillion was GREAT!!!!! Though it was a bit humid up here, it was a fun time..... The guys were great, the music was great, can't complain...... (well, could have had better seats, but luckily we brought binoculars). Like everyone else has said, the backup band was tight, and the guitar playing, like always, was fantastic....especially Tonino!!!! LOVE to watch him play!!

Saw the 3 young boys in the background, and at the last songs, they joined Pacheco on percussion...... so cute.....

They also ended with Volare!!! Much to the crowd's pleasure!!!! (and it made my mom happy)

It was a fantastic night, as always. Disappointed that the NH show was cancelled (I guess they didn't sell enough tickets-which is why I would have had front row seats) but Boston's always fun.....

Did I mention that this was a great concert??

Tonino RULES!!!!!

Baila on!!!