U.S. TOUR 2004

Chicago, Illinois - July 17

The Chicago show was great. Every song was fantastic. Nicolas' voice was wonderful, Canut was having a little trouble with his, Tonino is the best (of course) and as Marie describes it, "It's party with Patchai". The song list was the same (I think) with the first half focusing on selections from "Roots" and the second half older songs.

First Set: Second Set:
Rythmic Inspiraton
Rumba Tec Fandangos
Lleva Me Camargue
Tristessa Avanssa
Amigo Quiero Saber
Petite Noya Tampa
Como Siento Yo Poco a Poco
Sabroso Baila Me
La Negra A Tu Vera
A Mi Mora Todos Ole
Djobi Djoba Bamboleo
Encore: (Something) and Caminando Por La Calle

It was a high-energy show, and the boys were in top form all around. Nicolas' singing and Tonino's playing were phenomenal and audience response to Diego's "Petite Noya" was wildly enthusiastic. The new play list was a refreshing change and there was lots of clowning around and interaction with the audience. Those of you who have tickets for upcoming concerts are in for an amazing performance.