U.S. TOUR 2004

Cleveland, Ohio - July 18

I thought the concert was excellent. The atmosphere was great being outdoors and warm. The music lends itself to an energetic, enjoyable experience. The crowd was very diverse, but one thing was common - almost everyone danced to some degree. They have so many songs to choose from, it is difficult to play all the great ones, but they did the best they could. There were a few I would have liked to have heard, but am not complaining. I would definitely see them again and hope they come to the Tower City Amphitheatre in Cleveland again.


Drew Carey is right: Cleveland rocks! I couldn't believe I was practically dancing solo through Petite Noya in Chicago, but a relatively tiny-but-packed house in Cleveland was on their feet from pretty much the beginning of the show. The acoustics were great, even from front row and the fresh air off the river was a lifesaver for nonstop dancers. I thought I was arriving just in time, not having looked real close at my ticket and assuming the show started at 8 pm, so the guys were laughing at me as I slunk into my seat in the middle of the second song, pointing to my watch. Pretty much Chicago's playlist, but only one encore. Canut's voice kicked in well, Patchai Mr. Party was on, and Nicola was, too.

Blissed and blessed,