U.S. TOUR 2004

Wolf Trap - Vienna, Virginia - July 27

Exactly 2 minutes before showtime, the Rain Gods showed up to watch the GK play. The heavens opened up and some massive rains fell, with an incredible lightning show to boot. They got started pretty much on time, and the show was wonderful. Didn't write down the set list, but if I remember correctly, it is pretty much the same as the other shows. The slide show of the "Roots" picture book was a very nice, classy touch to the show.


Comments from Casper

Efren had the first show pegged pretty well. Impressive storm, the GK walking out to rumbling thunder. Everyone's voices were in good form. I loved the photos and movies but found they kept pulling me away from watching the band. During one instrumental I'm watching the film then re-focus back on the band only to find most of the frontline turned and watching the movie too. Amazing images. And the music fit them seamlessly, they were one.

And then there was last night. A grand-slam out of the ballpark kind of night. I never thought Pascal could bring me to tears with his band intro, but "tonight is a very special night. It is the last show on our American tour. We dedicate this show to Kivanc." Waterworks.

Waterworks again later when that gorgeous little girl in the polkadot dress, she couldn't have been much older than 4 if that, danced rhumba, fearless in front of 10,000 cheering people. Patchai was so beautiful with her, seeing her when her parents set her up on the stage to dance, gently leading her to center stage where she danced with the grace of the ages. At the end of the night when there was an entire entourage of dancers onstage for Bamboleo, one of the earlier invited dancers got up too. She made me think of the little girl again, making me want her onstage too, and when I looked way over to stage left, the front of the stage, there she was, the best dancer in the place.

The sound was great, everyone's voices were strong. They all looked good. Both nights Petite Noya was the first song to bring the crowd IMMEDIATELY to its feet. Diego's got himself a hit!!!!


I have seen them many times over the years and I have to say they are great we love them here in Virginia, I go to every concert and am thrilled eveytime. Well hope to see them all next year at Wolftrap, take care and always the best to all......................... A DEVOTED FAN