World TOUR 2009

San Francisco, California - December 29, 2008
The Warfield is a theater built in 1920 located in downtown SanFrancisco. Its capacity is about 2,300 people, general admission is in front to the stage, no seats. I got reserved seats in the "kind of" Mezzanine, front row, good seats, but not as close to the stage as I would like to be.. still good seats anyway.

These were a reduced version of the usual Gipsy Kings, there were 3 Reyes and 2 Baliardos this time: Andre, Nicolas, Canut, Tonino and Paco... The band was also smaller (I think). And... if my eyes were not fooling me, there was Georges Reyes playing the bass, Michael Baliardo with the drums, Pacheco as usual and the keyboard guy that I don't know his name. To me those were Georges and Michael, unless I am totally wrong but those guys looked like their twins. Anyway, the band sound great, so our boys. Nicholas voice was great, Tonino did an awesome job. I am very bad at the name of the instrumental songs, so sorry if I got them wrong. The playlist was:

  • Allegria
  • Djobi, Djoba
  • Tristeza
  • El tiki tiki (don't know the real name of this song)
  • Pharaon
  • Un Amor
  • Montana
  • A tu vera
  • La quiero
Then they had a 15 minute break to continue with
  • A song that I don't know the name, something ali li
  • Galaxia
  • Bailame
  • Por el amor de unamujer
  • Pena penita
  • Cafe
  • Instrumental
  • Bamboleo
  • Volare
It was a good concert, the place was OK, but on the reserved seating area dancing was not allowed, I did not like that and I am sure other people didn't like it either. Now I know what to expect next time I have to pick tickets.

I believe this part of the tour has nothing to do with the real 2009 tour. If you read the schedule it seems that these 4 dates in 2008 were added at the last minute. Maybe because they had other business in the area so they decided to work a little bit more and plugged a few dates more. That could be the reason for having less people with them. Anyway was a very nice night, besides the cold weather, the boys looked happy and relaxed and I enjoyed watching them.

Thats all folks!!!


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