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U.S. Tour '99

Denver, Colorado
June 13, 1999

Fiddler's Green

Finally found time to write the review of the Denver show at Fiddlers Green. Just before the concert Carolyn, my son Tray and I decided to meet for dinner (nice to finally meet you, Carolina). We got to the amphitheater about 45 minutes before the show. I wanted to send a message back to inquire about Canut's finger, but the lady guarding the door didn't know who the C-Dawg was, she said "there goes their production manager, ask him" I did, it was David (I don't remember him from Vegas, the guy I thought was him is actually Claude). I told him I had seen the guys in Vegas and brought my son to see them here. He seemed impressed, I told him that I was with the group that gave Canut his Birthday gift there, and he asked "the gold chain?" (don't know if he was testing me) I said "No, the artist supplies" He tells me "after the show stand by the stairs, and wait for me." Oh god the possibility of another GK close encounter was making my head spin. I go down, and tell Carolyn what had happened, she sitting in the 3rd row and too chicken to go with me (I was in about the 15th). By this time the show was about to begin, and there being about 4 empty seats next to Carolyn, we decided to seat there (it only worked for the first set though). Here they come, glad you said something about Canut's hair, Lauren, it looked almost zebra stripped. Starting off here's the playlist:
  • Ami Wa Wa (with Michael doing his little thing) Nicolas singing
  • New song
  • Djobi Djoba- Canut (Flamenco dancers coming down the aisle)
  • New song
  • Un Amor- Nicolas (of course)
  • Ami Bei- Andre
  • Baila Me- Nicolas
  • GALAXIA- Nicolas left the stage for this one
  • Todos Ole- Patchai
  • New song (Pero pompero? )- Canut and Nicolas


    Second set, my son and I back to our row ggg seats : (

  • New song - Andre, Georges, Michael and Tonino on stage
  • New song (Quero Liberdad ?)- Nicolas
  • New Song (Solo solo de da?)- Andre
  • Salsa de Noche- Andre and Paul dancing it up for the crowd
  • New song (Poco ti Poco?) Patchai
  • A Tu Vera- Canut (of course)
  • New song - Nicolas
  • Bamboleo- Nicolas


  • Pero Pompero- Canut (Georges and Michael whooping it up)

The guys looked tired and kinda grumpy during the first set, (long day or altitude??) They all were in great form as far as the sound. During the second set, they were much more lively and smiling (probably got some oxygen and an energy drink) My mind is a little more at ease about Nicolas and how he seemed distressed in Vegas, he seemed in much better spirits here in Denver. Canut used his thumb a little bit (still pretty sore, I bet).

Stay tuned for the backstage party

Karen in CO.

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